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RaceWise Is Back To Help You Out Run Your Competition!

 Get ahead of your completion this year with RaceWise. SPRING VALLEY, MN - December 16, 2015:  (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo) Are you ready to start winning?  Are you tired of always guessing?  If you answered yes to either of those questions it’s time your start leaning the facts.  Winning takes knowledge and RaceWise teaches you what adjustments to make, when, and why.  Deer Creek Speedway has yet again teamed up with Mark Bush and Kevin Stoa of KS Engineering to [...]

2016 Schedule – Tickets On Sale Now!!!

SPRING VALLEY, MN – December 3, 2015:  (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  The crew at The Creek is hard at it this off season and is excited to announce the 2016 schedule of events.  We wanted to ensure we gave the greatest fans in the country as much time as possible to turn in their vacation slips and make plans for the upcoming season.  What better way to spend your hard earned time off than with friends and family [...]