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Practice is Complete – Let the Season Begin!

SPRING VALLEY, MN – April 28, 2013: (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  The hard work, long hours, and dedication of so many was put to the test this past weekend at Deer Creek Speedway.  As the clock counted down the anticipation climbed.  Did we make the right decisions, will our hard work pay off and will our dreams come true were only a portion of the questions on the line. Nearly 100 teams checked into the back gate knowing they [...]

Forecast Frustrations Continue at The Creek – Schedule Update

SPRING VALLEY, MN – April 17, 2013:  As the racing community patiently awaits opening day the frustrations mount.  All winter long we’ve missed the smell, the sound and the speed of our high powered heroes and because of Mother Nature we’ll have to wait yet another week. That’s right race fans…the practice session and season openers at Deer Creek Speedway have yet again been postponed. ivermectine biogaran 3 mg prix Practice is now scheduled for Saturday, April 27th from 4:00–8:00p.m. [...]

The Wait Continues…Opening Day Delayed

SPRING VALLEY, MN – April 9, 2013: The frustration continues for many as Mother Nature refuses to cooperate.  Due to current facility conditions and the pending forecast officials from Deer Creek Speedway have been forced to postpone the practice session and scheduled season opener yet again. Practice is now scheduled for Saturday, April 20th from 4:00–8:00p.m. and is open to all classes.  Teams are urged to bring their transponders to ensure they are working properly, the times will also be [...]

Season Opener Postponed at The Creek

SPRING VALLEY, MN – April 1, 2013: Less than a year ago the crew at The Creek was going in circles on and off the track trying to get everything ready as Mother Nature had blessed us with an exceptionally warm and early Spring. What a difference a year can make. Due to the inclimate weather and the pending forecast the April 3rd practice session and the season opener set for April 6th have been postponed. The revised schedule [...]