Monthly Archives - March 2012

Clements Chevrolet to Pace the Field in 2012

SPRING VALLEY, MN – March 31, 2012:  When it comes to an A-Main event at Deer Creek Speedway you can be sure that the field will be filled with 24 of the highest quality, best maintained and committed teams in the Midwest.  Well race fans we’re excited to announce that this year there will be 25!  That’s right, Clements Chevrolet will pace every A-Main event with the highest quality vehicle from one of the best and committed dealerships in [...]

Eibach Springs to Support Deer Creek Drivers

SPRING VALLEY, MN:   March, 28, 2012 - Deer Creek Speedway is excited to announce a partnership with Eibach Springs. Eibach suspension springs and components are engineered to meet the extreme requirements of racing, from the 245-mph Mulsanne straight of Le Mans to the fender-to-fender combat of the Daytona Motor Speedway and now the high banks of Deer Creek Speedway. As the stakes in racing grow ever higher, competition gets even tougher.  Precision, reliability and repeatability assume greater importance, as preparation for [...]

The Party Continues At “The Creek”

SPRING VALLEY, MN:  Construction of the “Party Deck” is nearing completion and the view is amazing!  This addition to the speedway will hold nearly 30 people and will be rented out on an event-by-event basis. ivermectin 3mg dose   This project is in addition to the six new decks and Fan Zone that is schedule to be built off of the South end of the straightaway going into turn one. can a pharmacist prescribe ivermectin for head lice   [...]

“Fan Zone” to Give Spectators a New View

SPRING VALLEY, MN: Are you a race fan looking for more adrenalin on race night?  How about a view that will to leave you speechless and action that will have you on the edge of your seat?  If the answer is yes you won’t want to miss the new “Fan Zone” at Deer Creek Speedway.  Located at the entrance of turn one, near the track exit, the “Fan Zone” will be elevated over 20 feet in the air and [...]

2012 Schedule Is Released

The crew at Deer Creek has been hard at work this offseason preparing an exciting schedule of events.  The 11th season of operation under the Queensland family has some exciting changes to the schedule. 2012 will bring new opportunities for drivers and fans alike.  An added event, the Gopher 50 moving to a Saturday night, support classes added to the World Modified Dirt Track Championship and a change up in the support classes for various events are a taste of [...]