Week 3, USRA brings some fast friends to The Creek

Week 3, USRA brings some fast friends to The Creek

Spring Valley, MN

May 15th, 2021: Eric Thronson

115 racers enjoyed a smooth fast track at The Creek.

Napa Auto Care Centers USRA Modifieds:  18 racers, including a few for the first time this year, made for great racing as usual and after two fast heats, the feature provided another family with a racing first, lifetime memory for Ryan Wetzstein in the Families #90, to become an A-Mod FEATURE WINNER, at Deer Creek Speedway! With his, “greatest fan”, Grandfather Dave Wetzstein joining him in Tralo Victory Lane, Ryan used the Pole to jump out front, hang it out on the cushion, occasionally scraping some dirt off the wall and run away from the field after the lap 13 caution. Jason Cummins was 2nd, Alex Williamson 3rd, Joel Alberts 4th and Michael Truscott from Chippewa Falls, WI finished 5th from his 10th starting position.

Eagles Club of Rochester, USRA Late Models:  The first of four visits to Deer Creek brought 19 screaming Late Models and the fans loved to see them once again. After 3 heats the field was set for a blistering pace on the smooth track for the feature, we did have a few cautions for the 20 laps with Matt La Duke setting the pace out front. As 2nd -8th we’re at times door to door, running every line possible to catch the 17 of La Duke. It wasn’t until a late caution brought the field back together, that Lance Hofer in the #11 finally found a little more bite off of turn two and made the pass for the lead to take the checkers with less than a car length between he and La Duke. In Tralo Victory Lane he shared, “La Duke lives right down the road and we help each other out so it’s fun to race with him as we can count on it being clean every time”. They were having a great time and put on an awesome show for the fans.  

Wissota Super Stocks:  Ryan Wiome was flying as he made it two in a row as he took the feature win. With the battle for 2nd—5th behind him was tight at times, Spencer Stock, lost an engine midway, to end the caution free streak, but once underway again the green flag racing was fast and clean. A real credit to the level of talented Drivers.

USRA B-Mods: Jim Chisholm continued his winning ways at The Creek, making his 3rd straight trip to Tralo victory lane. Although, this trip had to start from the 9th position on the grid. Kullen Kath started on the pole with Phillip Dunbar to his outside, Dustin Kruse behind him with Brody Shaw outside row 2.

However, Elward, Wytaske, Hare, Schubbe, Grinstead, Chisholm and Jett Sorensen were lurking in the field, just to name a few. 

What a feature race, we had a few cautions that bent up a few race cars, but once we were green, these drivers put on an exhibition. Everyone in this class charges to the front, cars that handle well arguably make this another class that is really fun to watch. In the end after Garrit Wytaske drove his way to the front and lead for many laps, it was Jim Chisholm who found his way from 9th to take the checkered flag, to make it Back to Back to Back feature wins at The Creek. So many drivers in this class are fast and race clean, so it raises the level of competition every week. Who’s going to be the one to outrun the 24C?

Adams Graphix, Wissota Street Stocks:  What a race by Dustin Doughty and the entire top 10. Doughty agreed in the Tralo Victory Lane, “we’re having fun now”, as he made it two in a row at the Creek, coming from 8th for the win. Richards, Elward, Brauer, both Adams, Jacobsen, Brauer and Williamson made it another awesome Deer Creek feature. Close racing all the way to the checkered flag was so impressive and fun to watch.

Dirt Dr. Trucking, Wissota Midwest Mods:  19 racers attacked the fast track at the Creek, with a few new faces making their first appearance and for Brandon Jensen in his 21B from Ellsworth, MN. It was worth the trip. Brandon used his 7th starting position to win the feature after a few cautions took out a few of the drivers. He had to run a mistake free race to outrun Trevis Underdahl, Adam Martinson, Peter Leuschner, Dylan Goettl, Ryan Doergen and both Kath brothers to grab his first win at The Creek this season, I’m sure we’ll see him again soon.

USRA Modifieds 18 Entries

A Feature 1 25 Laps 1. 90-Ryan Wetzstein[1]; 2. 71-Jason Cummins[4]; 3. 15W-Alex Williamson[2]; 4. 4A-Joel Alberts[5]; 5. 22T-Michael Truscott[10]; 6. 07-Cory Crapser[7]; 7. 83-Kylie Kath[6]; 8. 55H-Aaron Hoff[9]; 9. 99-Josh Angst[8]; 10. 23A-Darwin Karau[12]; 11. 51W-JT Wasmund[13]; 12. 3-Kelly Shryock[14]; 13. 18-Michael Hofer[16]; 14. 77T-Tom Brink[18]; 15. 77-Jacob Stark[11]; 16. 31-Bill Stettner[15]; 17. 0-Craig Shaw[3]; 18. (DNS) 23B-Brett Bumgardner

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 15W-Alex Williamson[2]; 2. 99-Josh Angst[1]; 3. 0-Craig Shaw[3]; 4. 22T-Michael Truscott[7]; 5. 83-Kylie Kath[6]; 6. 77-Jacob Stark[8]; 7. 51W-JT Wasmund[5]; 8. 31-Bill Stettner[4]; 9. (DNF) 23B-Brett Bumgardner[9]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 71-Jason Cummins[1]; 2. 07-Cory Crapser[2]; 3. 55H-Aaron Hoff[3]; 4. 90-Ryan Wetzstein[7]; 5. 4A-Joel Alberts[6]; 6. 23A-Darwin Karau[5]; 7. 3-Kelly Shryock[9]; 8. 18-Michael Hofer[4]; 9. 77T-Tom Brink[8]

USRA Late Models 19 Entries

A Feature 1 20 Laps 1. 11-Lance Hofer[5]; 2. 17-Matt LaDuke[3]; 3. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[7]; 4. LXV-Lucas Peterson[10]; 5. 47-Alex Williamson[6]; 6. 01-Shaun Mann[8]; 7. 14-Steven O’Brien Jr[4]; 8. 208-Kory Ressie[17]; 9. 11X-Derek Nelson[13]; 10. 50-Gavin Tarras[12]; 11. 2-Patrick Kelley[18]; 12. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[9]; 13. 54-Chad Prissel[19]; 14. (DNF) 39-Matt Platteter[11]; 15. (DNF) 24-Justin Sass[15]; 16. (DNF) 32-Caylee Kjos[16]; 17. (DNF) 32-Max Nelson[2]; 18. (DNF) 34-Triton Krause[1]; 19. (DNF) 333-Colton Budreau[14]

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[2]; 2. LXV-Lucas Peterson[5]; 3. 34-Triton Krause[1]; 4. 17-Matt LaDuke[6]; 5. 11X-Derek Nelson[4]; 6. 32-Caylee Kjos[7]; 7. (DNF) 54-Chad Prissel[3]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 11-Lance Hofer[1]; 2. 47-Alex Williamson[5]; 3. 50-Gavin Tarras[3]; 4. 14-Steven O’Brien Jr[6]; 5. 333-Colton Budreau[2]; 6. (DNF) 208-Kory Ressie[4]

Heat 3 8 Laps 1. 73-Larry Fitzsimmons[3]; 2. 01-Shaun Mann[2]; 3. 39-Matt Platteter[4]; 4. 32-Max Nelson[5]; 5. 24-Justin Sass[6]; 6. 2-Patrick Kelley[1]

WISSOTA Super Stock 11 Entries

A Feature 1 20 Laps 1. 17W-Ryan Wiome[4]; 2. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[6]; 3. 0-Brandon Duellman[5]; 4. 7E-Neil Eckhart[2]; 5. 42-Schatney Sanders[7]; 6. 71-Brandon Clemens[10]; 7. 35-Dennis Dunbar[1]; 8. 94-Kevin Hager[9]; 9. 33C-Cody Emmans[8]; 10. 17-Harland Morehart[11]; 11. (DNF) 28S-Spencer Stock[3]

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 17W-Ryan Wiome[3]; 2. 35-Dennis Dunbar[2]; 3. 0-Brandon Duellman[4]; 4. 33C-Cody Emmans[1]; 5. 94-Kevin Hager[5]; 6. 17-Harland Morehart[6]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 9-Dylan Kromschroeder[1]; 2. 42-Schatney Sanders[5]; 3. 7E-Neil Eckhart[3]; 4. 28S-Spencer Stock[2]; 5. 71-Brandon Clemens[4]

USRA B-Mods 32 Entries

A Feature 1 18 Laps 1. 24C-Jim Chisholm[9]; 2. 35JR-Garitt Wytaske[6]; 3. 6-Dustin Kruse[3]; 4. 56H-Brandon Hare[7]; 5. 72-Alex Schubbe[8]; 6. 36K-Jayden Larson[23]; 7. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[24]; 8. 60-Colby Mann[18]; 9. 25-Joe Chisholm[13]; 10. 15-Zach Elward[5]; 11. 99-Noah Grinstead[10]; 12. 7W-Drew Williams[22]; 13. 29-Lilli Reps[20]; 14. 07-Logan Alseth[17]; 15. 30-Russell Quinnell[15]; 16. (DNF) 155-Gavin Shaw[21]; 17. (DNF) 65JR-Gunner Hurst[19]; 18. (DNF) 83R-Kullen Kath[1]; 19. (DNF) 55-Brody Shaw[4]; 20. (DNF) 54-Jett Sorensen[12]; 21. (DNF) 02K-Hunter Kennedy[16]; 22. (DNF) 30-Scott Demmer[14]; 23. (DNF) 35X+1-Phillip Dunbar[2]; 24. (DNF) 80-lee Jonsgaard[11]

B Feature 1 10 Laps 1. 155-Gavin Shaw[2]; 2. 7W-Drew Williams[1]; 3. 36K-Jayden Larson[4]; 4. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[12]; 5. 51-Shawn Evans[6]; 6. 11J-Jacob Lynch[9]; 7. 33-Corbin Ludemann[10]; 8. 83-Braeden Allen[7]; 9. 97JR-Landon Volkman[11]; 10. (DNF) 36-Brandon Allen[5]; 11. (DNF) 955-Lucas Grosinger[8]; 12. (DNF) 66Y-Shane Yohe[3]

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 54-Jett Sorensen[2]; 2. 56H-Brandon Hare[4]; 3. 35JR-Garitt Wytaske[5]; 4. 25-Joe Chisholm[6]; 5. 07-Logan Alseth[3]; 6. 7W-Drew Williams[7]; 7. 36-Brandon Allen[8]; 8. (DNF) 3A-Taylor Ausrud[1]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 24C-Jim Chisholm[2]; 2. 83R-Kullen Kath[1]; 3. 99-Noah Grinstead[4]; 4. 30-Scott Demmer[6]; 5. 60-Colby Mann[7]; 6. 155-Gavin Shaw[3]; 7. 51-Shawn Evans[8]; 8. 11J-Jacob Lynch[5]

Heat 3 8 Laps 1. 6-Dustin Kruse[3]; 2. 55-Brody Shaw[1]; 3. 80-lee Jonsgaard[5]; 4. 30-Russell Quinnell[2]; 5. 65JR-Gunner Hurst[6]; 6. 66Y-Shane Yohe[8]; 7. 83-Braeden Allen[4]; 8. 33-Corbin Ludemann[7]

Heat 4 8 Laps 1. 35X+1-Phillip Dunbar[1]; 2. 15-Zach Elward[4]; 3. 72-Alex Schubbe[3]; 4. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[5]; 5. 29-Lilli Reps[2]; 6. 36K-Jayden Larson[7]; 7. 955-Lucas Grosinger[6]; 8. 97JR-Landon Volkman[8]

WISSOTA Street Stock 16 Entries

A Feature 1 18 Laps 1. D1-Dustin Doughty[8]; 2. 01-Kory Adams[4]; 3. 34JR-Braden Brauer[7]; 4. 3R-Danny Richards[6]; 5. 101-Ken Adams[2]; 6. 22-Ryan Jacobsen[3]; 7. 1R-Cole Richards[13]; 8. 38S-Nick Schwebach[15]; 9. 15-Zach Elward[5]; 10. KOL34-Kolton Brauer[16]; 11. 36-Ross Spitzer[14]; 12. 42-Cody Hyatt[10]; 13. 14-Brady Williamson[1]; 14. 147-Brent Holland[12]; 15. 2P-Fred Prudoehl[11]; 16. (DNF) 2-Marcus Berndt[9]

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 15-Zach Elward[1]; 2. 01-Kory Adams[3]; 3. 34JR-Braden Brauer[7]; 4. 14-Brady Williamson[2]; 5. 2-Marcus Berndt[6]; 6. 2P-Fred Prudoehl[4]; 7. 1R-Cole Richards[8]; 8. 38S-Nick Schwebach[5]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. D1-Dustin Doughty[6]; 2. 22-Ryan Jacobsen[2]; 3. 3R-Danny Richards[8]; 4. 101-Ken Adams[4]; 5. 42-Cody Hyatt[3]; 6. 147-Brent Holland[1]; 7. 36-Ross Spitzer[7]; 8. (DNF) KOL34-Kolton Brauer[5]

WISSOTA Midwest Mods 19 Entries

A Feature 1 18 Laps 1. 21B-Brandon Jensen[7]; 2. 83X-Kadden Kath[3]; 3. 24M-Adam Martinson[2]; 4. 17-Trevis Underdahl[5]; 5. G12-Ryan Goergen[9]; 6. 11-Peter Leuschner[6]; 7. 53-Tianna Mithun[1]; 8. 24-Dylan Goettl[8]; 9. 83K-Kobie Kath[10]; 10. 23-Mitch Weiss[4]; 11. 9-Isaac Clark[14]; 12. 5G-Patrick McCarthy[16]; 13. 24-Liz Toepper[12]; 14. 22H-Jayme Hiller[17]; 15. 31-Jason Vokovan[15]; 16. 88-Jacob Toepper[11]; 17. 43-Scott Simmons[13]; 18. 28-David Gustafson[18]; 19. (DNS) 97X-Don Schaefer

Heat 1 8 Laps 1. 17-Trevis Underdahl[1]; 2. 21B-Brandon Jensen[7]; 3. 83X-Kadden Kath[4]; 4. 24M-Adam Martinson[2]; 5. G12-Ryan Goergen[9]; 6. 88-Jacob Toepper[3]; 7. 43-Scott Simmons[5]; 8. 31-Jason Vokovan[10]; 9. 22H-Jayme Hiller[6]; 10. (DNF) 97X-Don Schaefer[8]

Heat 2 8 Laps 1. 53-Tianna Mithun[1]; 2. 11-Peter Leuschner[2]; 3. 24-Dylan Goettl[8]; 4. 23-Mitch Weiss[7]; 5. 83K-Kobie Kath[5]; 6. 24-Liz Toepper[4]; 7. 9-Isaac Clark[3]; 8. 5G-Patrick McCarthy[6]; 9. (DNF) 28-David Gustafson[9]

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