Wagner Goes For A Wild Ride, Chisholm Gets His Second Win

Wagner Goes For A Wild Ride, Chisholm Gets His Second Win

The Blake Trucking Slingshot Series was underway again on Saturday June 23, 2018 at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN. It was another beautiful day on hand with all kids and cars decked out in pink for Pink Out Night supporting breast cancer awareness.

On pole to start the Junior slingshot race was the 78J of Tucker Jacobs with the 43 of Koby Wagner on his outside. Jacobs got a good jump on Wagner on the start, but it didn’t take long for Wagner to start putting the pressure on Jacobs. Jacobs came out of turn 2 a little high and found himself off the track on the back stretch. With a single file restart, Jacobs tried to come around Wagner on turn 1, but instead overcorrected and turned left into Wagner. As Wagners car started to turn to the right from contact, his back tire jumped the front tire of Jacobs and sent Wagner into a barrel role across the track finally settling on all 4 tires out on the big track. Thankfully the 43 of Koby Wagner was ok, but was unable to finish the race with extensive damage to his car. The 78J of Jacobs, also shook up from the incident, chose not to finish the race. Race officials decided to go back one lap of the race for the finish and awarded the win to the 43 of Wagner. Hopefully the 43 of Wagner is able to make the repairs necessary to return next week to race again! The 7C of Curtis Parmenter broke down during the heat race and was unable to make the feature. وليام هيل

The Senior feature was led by the 25 of Joe Chisholm with the 20 of Gage Motl on his outside. بيت365 Inside second row was the 8T of Toby Kennedy with the Kolt34 of Kolton Brauer on his outside. Third row inside was the 29 of Lilli Reps. Rough driving and jumped starts plaqued the start of this 18 lap feature race. Finally a clean start had the 20 of Motl and the 25 of Chisholm battling to get out front. The 8T of Kennedy nearly spins in turn 2 which caused the Kolt34 of Brauer to spin trying to avoid Kennedy. With Kennedy being charged for a caution, that moved the 29 of Reps up into 3nd for the restart. A single file restart had Chisholm out front with Motl hot on his bumper. Brauer and Kennedy battled back and forth for the 4th place position, while Reps held on tight to retain 3rd. Motl closed the gap and finds himself side by side with Chisholm coming out of turn 2. Both cars come in tight to turn 3 with Motl on the inside and Chisholm on the outside, but with contact in turn 4, Motl finds himself turned into the burm. Motl was charged with the caution and Chisholm stayed in 1st place. The restart had Reps now into 2nd and the 8T of Kennedy in 3rd, Brauer in 4th, and Motl 5th. Brauer tried to make his move on the outside of Kennedy on the restart, while Reps hoped to chase down Chisholm. لعبة بلاك جاك 21 At the finish it was the 25 of Chisholm in 1st, the 29 of Reps in 2nd with her first top 3 finish of the season, The 8T of Kennedy in 3rd, the Kolt34 of Brauer in 4th, and the 20 of Motl in 5th.

Heat race winners included the 78J of Jacobs and the 43 of Wagner in the Junior class and the Kolt34 of Brauer in the Senior class.

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