Wagner For the Win, Motl Had A Clean Sweep

Wagner For the Win, Motl Had A Clean Sweep

August 4, 2018 Blake Trucking Slingshot races at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Mn got off to a delayed start due to stormy weather close by. Once the rain passed, these slingshot racers were ready to put the pedal down on the Button Buck Speedway!
The junior feature was led by the 7C of Curtis Parmenter with the 43 of Koby Wagner on the outside. These two racers were neck and neck around the track for this feature race for the first several laps. Parmenter was able to maintain a narrow lead on Wagner, but the patience of Wagner paid off and he found his opportunity on lap six to get around Parmenter in turn three to take over the lead. Parmenter spun around on lap 8 bringing out a caution, but gave him another shot to take for the lead with a restart. Wagner proved to be too much for him this week and Parmenter finished in 2nd place with the 43 of Koby Wagner taking the checkered flag.

The senior feature was led by the 20 of Gage Motl with the 25 of Joe Chisholm on his outside. Inside second row was the 29 of Lili Reps with the 8T of Toby Kennedy on her outside. Third row inside was the Kolt34 of Kolton Brauer. With the points race tightening up, all five racers are in contention for that top spot. Motl and Chisholm battled it out for the first lap with Motl coming out in front. The 8T of Kennedy spun in turn four collecting the Kolt34 of Brauer and bringing out the first caution of this 18-lap feature. Single file restart had the 29 of Reps now in third and Motl still out front. Motl nearly lost control coming out of turn four on the first lap of the restart with all cars working hard to avoid a pile up. A tap from the front bumper of Chisholm straightened Motl out and kept him in the lead, but the Kolt34 of Brauer wan’t able to maintain his fourth place position and fell back to fifth. The 8T of Kennedy moved up to the inside of Reps and contact from Kennedy in turn two sent the 29 of Reps spinning around. One more single file restart before the checkered still had the 20 of Motl out front with the 25 of Chisholm in second and the Kolt34 of Brauer in third. The 25 of Chisholm looked to the inside of Motl a couple times, but ran out of room in the turn and Motl was able to take the checkered flag for the second week in a row followed by the 25 of Chisholm in 2nd, the Kolt34 of Brauer in 3rd, the 29 of Reps in 4th, and the 8T of Kennedy had pulled into the infield unable to finish the race.

Heat race winners were the 7C of Curtis Parmenter and the 20 of Gage Motl.

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