Wagner and Chisholm Get Their Turn On Top

Wagner and Chisholm Get Their Turn On Top

June 16, 2018 was a hot and windy one for the slingshot races on the Button Buck Speedway in Spring Valley, MN. After being rained out the week prior, these kids didn’t seem to mind the heat! العاب روليت

The Junior feature was led by the 43 of Koby Wagner alongside the 59 of Mason Stockhausen. Inside 2nd row was the 7C of Curtis Parmenter with the 78J of Tucker Jacobs on the outside. Wagner made no time getting himself off to a fast start where he quickly pulled away from the pack. The 7C of Parmenter made an aggressive move to the bottom to get himself around the 59 of Stockhausen who was followed by Jacobs in 4th. With no cautions in this 10 lap feature race, Wagner was able to maintain his lead and take the checkered flag for his first win of the 2018 season. The 7C of Parmenter finished in 2nd, the 59 of Stockhausen in 3rd, and the 78J of Jacobs in 4th. oonoo

The Senior feature was led by the 20 of Gage Motl with the 25 of Joe Chisholm on his outside. The K34 of Kolton Brauer started 2nd row inside with the 88B of Brady Boland on his outside. The 29 of Lilli Reps started 3rd row inside with the 8T of Toby Kennedy on her outside. Motl and Chisholm both got off to a fast start, but with both cars attempting to get that bottom lane in turn one, contact ensued with the 25 of Chisholm able to pull out ahead of Motl. As Motl slid up the track, the 88B of Boland and the 8T of Kennedy were also able to get underneath him and move up into 2nd and 3rd place with Motl now in 4th. The K34 of Brauer and the 29 of Reps followed in 5th and 6th. The 88B of Boland came within inches of Chisholm hoping to get around him while the 20 of Motl patiently waited to get back into the top 3. The K34 of Brauer had stretched out his lead from Reps and was quickly gaining ground on the 20 of Motl. العب مجانا With 1 lap to go, Motl made his move under the 8T of Kennedy to cross the checkered nearly side by side behind Boland who had looked to give it one last push to get around Chisholm, but this week the win belonged to the 25 of Joe Chisholm followed by the 88B of Boland in 2nd, the 20 of Motl in 3rd, the 8T of Kennedy in 4th, the K34 of Brauer in 5th, and the 29 of Reps in 6th.

Heat race winners included the 59 of Mason Stockhausen and the 43 of Koby Wagner in the Junior class and the 88B of Brady Boland in the Senior class.

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