Truck Country Slingshots Only Have a Few Shots Left

Truck Country Slingshots Only Have a Few Shots Left

SPRING VALLEY, MN – August 15, 2012:  It’s been yet another action packed season with record setting car counts on Button Buck Speedway.  The drivers in Truck Country Slingshot division have proven that it doesn’t matter how BIG your car is or how old you may be…it’s about meeting new friends, racing, and oh ya…HAVING FUN!

For the last few months the future stars and their cars have battled the heat, their fellow competitors and pushed themselves to new levels and now with only a few races left there are bragging rights on the line…and BIG trophies!!

The Truck Country Slingshots have three races remaining in which will play a big role in the chase for the division titles.  Each of the remaining events in August will start a 3:00 and the September 1st event will start at 2:00.

Don’t forget these events are FREE to attend in the grandstands.

If you’ve never witnessed a Slingshot race NOW is the time.  These drivers start as young as six years old and can travel up to speeds of over 60 mph!  Come and check them out at one of their remaining events.

August 18th – Senior Truck Country Slingshot Division will race their feature event during the events on Deer Creek Speedway.

August 25th – Track Championship Night at Deer Creek Speedway

September 1st – BP Labor Day Dual at Deer Creek featuring the USMTS Modifieds and Corn Belt Clash Late Models.

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