Stovall Tops MLRA Late Models – Kruse Captures First Win at The Creek

Stovall Tops MLRA Late Models – Kruse Captures First Win at The Creek

Spring Valley, MN – August 10, 2016: It was a hot and sultry evening as the Lucas Oil MLRA Late Model Series invaded the state of Minnesota for the for the first time ever. Also on the card were the USRA Stock Cars and USRA B-Mods presented by KIK Graphics & Printing along with Altenburg Construction.
The USRA B-Mods kicked off the feature action with their 20-car, 18-lap main event. Jim Chisholm and Ben Moudry put on a show early on when they battled for the lead. Dustin Kruse and Nick Wagner raced for third behind the lead duo. A series of three yellow flags slowed the race in the early stages.

When things went back green, Chisholm and Moudry resumed their battle for the lead. Moudry stole the lead on lap four but another yellow one lap later would bring things to a halt. On the restart Kruse darted by both Chisholm and Moudry and found himself in the lead. Yet another caution slowed the pace on lap seven.

Kruse was in control up front but some more drivers were making moves. Dan Hovden drove to fourth from ninth and Cole Queensland cracked the top five from row seven. Kruse was gone out front but a yellow flag with four laps to go bunched everyone back up for a four lap shootout to the finish,

Kruse drove away in the final laps to record his first Deer Creek win and third of the season. Chisholm outlasted Moudry in a good race to finish in second. Hovden wound up in fourth and Queensland rounded out the top five.
The USRA Stock Cars were up next for their 18-lap feature. Pete Solum and Danny Sacquitne led the 18-car pack to the green flag. Sacquitne shot to the lead and Kevin Donlan roared up from row three to challenge the leader. A yellow flag came out on lap five and set up a shootout up front.

Donlan took the lead and Dillon Anderson took over second with Mitch Hovden up to third and right on Anderson. Hovden flew on the high groove and drove by Anderson for second and went after Donlan for the lead. Hovden made his move on lap 13 and was then the leader of the pack.

Hovden recorded his 14th win of year and his fourth career win at Deer Creek. Donlan finished in the second spot with Sacquitne rallying back to third. Brian Mahlstedt made a late charge to finish fourth and Anderson would finish fifth.

Jimmy Mars and Jesse Stovall were in row one for the 40-lap, $5000 to win MLRA Late Model feature, Stovall and Mars would duel for the lead in the early going before Stovall would take over. Mars then had to battle with Ryan Gustin for second. Gustin would get by Mars and then would close in on Stovall for the lead.

Gustin would challenge Stovall several times but was unable to get by the leader. Gustin would keep it close but Stovall would go on for his fourth MLRA win of the season. Gustin would finish second while Mars had to hold off Jordan Yaggy for third and Chris Simpson rounded out the top five.


Feature—Dustin Kruse, Jim Chisholm, Ben Moudry, Dan Hovden, Cole Queensland, Alex Williamson, Blake Arndt, Brandon Hare, Scott Demmer, Jayden Larson, Cole Lonergan, AJ Johnston, Nick Wagner, Derek Clement, Anton Nelson, Christian Warner, Kyle Anderson, Tanner Johnston, Kaleb Lienhard, Darwyn Karau

First Heat—Demmer, Chisholm, A. Johnston, Anderson, Queensland, Warner, Larson

Second Heat—T. Johnston, Hare, Kruse, Wagner, Lonergan, Karau, Arndt

Third Heat—Hovden, Moudry, Lienhard, Clement, Williamson, Nelson

USRA Stock Cars

Feature—Mitch Hovden, Kevin Donlan, Danny Sacquitne, Nrian Mahlstedt, Dillon Anderson, Pete Solum, Shawn Peter, Luke Sathoff, Stefan Sybesma, Brandon Hare, Andy Stinson, Gerald Peter, Brayden Gjere, Andy Altenburg, Jesse Brown, Kyle Falck, Andrew Lokenvitz, Lynn Panos

First Heat—Falck, Brown, Mahlstedt, Sacquitne, Sybesma, G. Peter

Second Heat—Anderson, Donlan, Lokenvitz, Solum, Stinson, Gjere

Third Heat—Panos, Hovden, S. Peter, Sathoff, Altenburg, Hare

Lucas Oil MLRA Late Models
Feature–Jesse Stovall, Ryan Gustin, Jimmy Mars, Jordan Yaggy, Chris Simpson, Rodney Sanders,Tad Pospisil, Tommy Weder Jr, Jon Mitchell, Jason Utter, Lance Mathees, Brent Larson, Austin Siebert, Jason Rauen, Terry Phillips, Dave Eckrich , Brantlee Gotschall, JC Wyman, Tony Jackson Jr., Daulton Maassen, Nick Herrick
First Heat—Stovall, Pospisil, Chris Simpson, Rodney Sanders, Jason Rauen, Dave Eckrich, Nick HerrickS
Second Heat—Utter, Mars, Mitchell, Phillips, Larson, Jackson Jr, Gotschall
Third Heat—Gustin,. Yaggy, Weder, Mathees, Wyman, Siebert, Massen

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