Sponsors step up, add $30,000 to WMDTC purse!

Sponsors step up, add $30,000 to WMDTC purse!

SPRING VALLEY, Minn. — More often than not, one or more of the fantastic sponsors of the USMTS and Deer Creek Speedway step up on race night and throw some extra cash to one or more dirvers in the field. But what happened tonight at the WMDTC is unprecedented.

Hanson Tire Service, a long-time partner here at the Deer Creek Speedway, announced three weeks ago that they were upping the winner’s share from $20,000 to $25,000 at this year’s WMDTC. But now, an additional $30,000 has been added to Saturday night’s A-Main purse.

You read that right … 30 and three 0’s.

First and foremost, this was made possible by the following awesome entities:

A & A Electric and Underground Boom-Test Buddy’s Rig Lounge Camp Houston Country Store Ingvalson Farms Randy & Patty Eastvold RoadRunner Crane, LLC Swan Energy United Cellular Services, Inc.

Please thank them if you see the owners and/or employees of these businesses, and patronize them if you get the opportunity.

The purse was already nearly $150,000 for the weekend, with $89,650 earmarked for Saturday night’s A-Main. The main event purse is now $119,650 plus the additional cash that will be spread out through the field from the proceeds of the auction for the 31st starting spot.

Second place in Saturday’s main event will now pay $12,500 and every position behind that will share in $25,000 of added money. Two drivers will have a 50/50 chance at the other $5,000. At the conclusion of the A-Main, two drivers from two connected finishing positions (16th and 17th, for instance) will stop on the racetrack after the checkered flag waves. The higher finisher will call “heads” or “tails” on the flip of a coin. If he’s right he gets the $5k, if not it goes to the other driver.

When was the last time you saw somebody’s “big show” or “super event” throw an extra 30 grand into the purse on the day of the race? No pre-race promotion or advertising of their sponsorship, just some good ol’ fashioned unconditional love.

From the United States Modified Touring Series and the Deer Creek Speedway, thank you to these sponsors, the drivers and the fans for your continued support … you are the Best of the Best.

New Saturday Night A-Main Payoff:

1. $25,000 2. $13,500 3. $8,700 4. $6,700 5. $5,500 6. $5,200 7. $3,500 8. $3,300 9. $2,650 10. $2,500 11. $2,500 12. $2,400 13. $2,350 14. $2,300 15. $2,250 16. $2,200 17. $2,150 18. $2,100 19. $2,000 20. $1,925 21. $1,850 22. $1,775 23. $1,650 24. $1,600 25. $1,550 26. $1,500 27. $1,500 28. $1,500 29. $1,500 30. $1,500 31. $1,500

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