Schott and Davis Take Home USRA Modified Wins

Schott and Davis Take Home USRA Modified Wins

SPRING VALLEY, MN – May 3, 2015:  Deer Creek Speedway roared back into action this weekend after a cancellation last week. Fans got an extra bang for their buck tonight with continuation of a NAPA AutoCare USRA modified race from two weeks ago and the full weekly program tonight. 101 cars checked into the speedway for the second night of racing action.

20150502-D3S_9017First feature of the night was the continued feature from two weeks ago which was cancelled due to rain. Cory Crapser led on the restart while Jacob Dahle took over the second spot. Brandon Davis charged into the third spot. Up front Crapser slowly pulled away until lap five when a caution flew over the speedway. On the restart Crapser jumped out front with Brandon Davis moving into the second spot. Jason Cummins found the top side to his liking and moved into the top five. Unfortunately on the next Cummins slowed and Mike Mehling found himself in a bad spot as the two made heavy contact ending their nights. On the restart Crapser held onto the lead with David and Dahle chasing him up front. With ten down Bob Timm and Dahle battled for the third spot with Timm taking over the spot on lap eleven.   Darwyn Karau worked past Dahle on lap twelve for the fourth spot with Lucas Schott following through shortly for fifth. With fifteen complete Schott and Karau battled for the fourth spot. Up front Davis worked Crapser hard for the lead and took over the top spot on lap twenty. Schott gained the fourth spot as the field ran to the checkers. Davis took home the win followed by Crapser, Timm, Schott and Karau.

The Dirt D20150502-D3S_9492octor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were on track for their feature event. Jason Born jumped out to the early lead in the Caution filled event. Casey Trom and Jared Boumeester were side by side for second with Trom holding a slight edge. The first caution flew after lap one with Born again leading on the restart and Boumeester and Trom battling for second. A string of cautions over the next four laps slowed the racing and on the fourth restart Boumeester took over the lead from Born. Dustin Scott and Born were now racing for second with Tony Schill, Garitt Wytaske and Josh Crary racing for the fourth spot. A caution with eight laps completed saw Scott go to the tail. With this being the fifth caution the race was cut by five laps. On the restart Boumeester led with Robby Franklin now pressuring Crary for the second spot. At the finish it was Boumeester with the win followed by Crary, Franklin, Scott and Born. Born and Scott took home the heat race wins.

Karl Hewitt Jr. jumped into the lead of the KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stock feature event with Nick Schwebach quickly moving into the second sp20150502-D3S_9793ot and pressuring Hewitt Jr for the lead.   By lap two Schwebach took over the top spot with Mike Blowers moving into the second spot on lap three. Troy Voth ran in the fourth spot and on lap four moved past Hewitt Jr. For the third spot. A good race between Kory Adams, Brandon Vogt and Noah Grinstead kept the crowd entertained for the middle part of the race. Vogt and Voth raced for the third spot on lap fifteen with Vogt taking the spot. Grinstead also made a charge first working past Voth for the fourth spot then working around Vogt for the third spot. Up front it was all Schwebach though with Blowers holding close enough to capitalize on a mistake but not close enough to mount a serious threat. At the finish it was Schwebach with his second win at the speedway this year. Blowers, Grinstead, Vogt and Voth rounding out the top five. Voth and Schwebach took home the heat wins.

With 38 cars on hand again this week the Wagner Trucking USRA B-Mods making the feature was a feat in itself. John VanMinsel jumped out to the early lead with Andrew Bleess, Brandon Hare and Tanner Johnston three wide for the second spot. Hare took control of the second spot on lap two with Bleess now in third. With four down Erik Kanz came alive and20150502-D3S_9961 moved past Bleess for the third spot. With six laps in the book the top four were all running close. On lap seven Kanz continued his charge and moved past Hare for second and on lap nine took the lead away from VanMinsel. With thirteen laps completed a three wide race for the sixth spot didn’t turn out well bringing out the first caution of the event. Kanz held onto the lead on the restart with hare in second. VanMinsel held on strong in third until lap fifteen when Shaun Walski moved into the third spot. With two to go the battle up front changed drastically, Hare slid up in front of Kanz to take over the lead with Kanz turning back down and retaking the lead as the white flew. Again Hare tried to take over the top spot but Kanz drove hard and was able to get back around Hare before the checkers flew over the field. At the finish it was Kanz with the win, hare, Walski, AJ Zvorak and Corey Crapser in the top five. Heat races were won by Zvorak, Crapser, Kanz and Queensland


The Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stock feature event saw a dominating performance by Tommy Richards. On the drop of the green Richards started to pull away from the field Neil Eckhart sat in second while Brian Fetting sat in third. With two down Fetting, Eckhart and AJ Hoff battled hard for the second spot. Eckhart continued to hold onto the second spot while Hoff dropped back slightly. With seven complete Jeff Brauer worked into the top five then moved past Hoff for fourth on lap ten. By lap eleven Brauer, Fetting and Eckhart were in a tight battle for second.   With fifteen down Brauer took over the second spot and tried to gain ground on the leader and hoping for a caution. Not on this night though as Richards had checked out and was gone. Richards won by a half lap and took home the victory. Brauer, Fetting, Hoff and Dan Nissalke rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Richards and Kevin Hager.

Josh Angst, B20150502-D3S_0211ob Timm and Dustin Sorensen went three wide for lap one of the NAPA AutoCare USRA modified event. Timm took control of the 25 lap feature race with Lucas Schott making a strong run on lap two splitting Angst and Sorensen to take over the second spot. A caution on lap four setup the restart with Timm leading and Schott in second. Angst sat in third with Brandon Davis and Steve Wetzstein racing for the fourth spot. Davis moved into fourth on lap nine and started to pressure Angst for the third spot. With Davis just to his inside Angst slowly moved his down the speedway slightly just enough for Davis not to get a good enough drive off the corner to take away the spot. UP front Timm ran up against the wall with Schott making up ground every corner running through the middle while Timm and his momentum kept him up front at the line every lap. The fans were on their feet as the white flag flew. Davis slowly edge past Angst for the third spot. But everyone was watching up front. Schott threw caution into the wind drove into turn three as hard as he could, turned the car into four and let it drift. It drifted all the way to Timm who was inches away from the wall, a couple sparks flew and then both cars came flying out of turn four. At the line it was Schott with the win by 8/1000ths of a second. The crowd roared as they crossed the finish line. Schott took home the followed by Timm, Davis, Angst and Wetzstein. Heat races were won by Davis, Schott and Cory Crapser

Wagner Trucking USRA B-Modifieds

Feature – Erik Kanz, Brandon Hare, Shaun Walski, AJ Zvorak, Cory Crapser, John VanMinsel, Andrew Bleess, Kylie Kath, Jerry Young, Trevor Fecht, Scott Demmer, David Pitz, Alex Williamson, Cole Queensland, Cole Lanergan, Kadden Kath, Kenny Boge Jr., Taylor Ausrud, JT Wasmund, Dustin Kruse, Daniel Christopher, Nick Wagner, Tanner Johnston, Bill Stettner

B Feature – 1 – Williamson, Boge Jr., Wasmund, Ausrud, Jackson Hale, Channing Warner, Scott Kunda, Jayden Larson, Elizabeth Loberg, Anthony Jennings, Christian Warner

B Feature -2 – Pitz, Demmer, Kruse, Wagner, Tammy Soma Clark, Mike Chisholm, AJ Johnston, Steve Quinnell, Russ Quinnell, Rick Byrnes

Heat 1 – Zvorak, Christopher, Fecht, Ky. Kath, Williamson, Demmer, Ausrud, Kruse, S. Quinnell, Warner

Heat 2 – Crapser, T. Johnston, Lanergan, Stettner, Wagner, Larson, AJ Johnston, Hale, Loberg

Heat 3 – Kanz, VanMinsel, Hare, Young, Pitz, Boge JR., Chisholm, Wasmund, Byrnes

Heat 4 – Queensland, Walski, Bleess, Ka. Kath, Warner, Soma-Clark, Kunda, R. Quinnell, Jennings

KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Nick Schwebach, Mike Blowers, Noah Grinstead, Brandon Vogt, Troy Voth, Bernie Adams, Kory Adams, Karl Hewitt JR., Brent Holland, Fred Prudoehl, Jordan Becker, Zach Elward, Danny Richards

Heat 1 – Voth, Prudoehl, Grinstead, Vogt, Elward, K. Adams, Becker

Heat 2 – Schwebach, B. Adams, Hewitt JR., Blowers, Holland, Richards

Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Jared Boumeester, Josh Crary, Robby Franklin, Dustin Scott, Jason Born, Garitt Wytaske, Tony Schill, Casey Trom, Joe Lallier, Cory Asmussen, Bonne Jablonske, Tammy Soma Clark, Patrick McCarthy, Bradley Seavers, Ron Jablonske, Don Schaefer, Brandon Dunbar

Heat 1 – Born, Trom, Boumeester, Wytaske, Soma-Clark, Asmussen, B. Jablonske, Lallier, McCarthy

Heat 2 – Scott, Schill, Crary, Franklin, Schaefer, Seavers, R. Jablonske, Dunbar

Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature – Tommy Richards, Jeff Brauer, Brian Fetting, AJ Hoff, Dan Nissalke, Dave Solum, Ryan Siegle, Kevin Hager, Josh Bartel, Harlan Morehart, Neil Eckhart

Heat 1 – Richards, Brauer, Hoff, Nissalke, Bartel, Solum

Heat 2 – Hager, Richards, Eckhart, Siegle, Morehart

NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds

Feature – Lucas Schott, Bob Timm, Brandon Davis, Josh Angst, Steve Wetzstein, Greg Pfeifer JR., Nate Wasmund, Dustin Sorensen, Cory Crapser, Joe Horgdal, Joel Alberts, Jacob Dahle, Joe Ludemann, Darwyn Karau, Alan Wagner, Greg Jensen, Jacob Bleess, Chris Loberg, Dwaine Hanson, Jake Timm, Jason Cummins, Mike Mehling

Heat 1 – Davis, Angst, Hanson, Pfeifer Jr., Alberts, Jensen, Loberg, Mehling

Heat 2 – Schott, B. Timm, Wasmund, Sorensen, J. Timm, Cummins, Ludemann

Heat 3 – Crapser, Horgdal, Karau, Wetzstein, Dahle, Bleess, Wagner

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