Racing action at Deer Creek Speedway resumed Saturday after an all out attempt by mother nature to cancel another weeks racing action, but the track crew worked hard all afternoon and provided a very good racetrack despite the morning rainfall.

Highlighting the nights racing action was the first ever School Bus race at the speedway.  Seven buses arrived to do battle with teams representing Chatfield, Waseca, Emanuel Lutheran, Glenville Emmons Grand Meadow and Pine Island from Minnesota along with St Ansgar out of Iowa.  Each school decorated their buses and provided a driver to represent their school.  All buses were drew starting positions for two heat races.  A little bumping and grinding only hinted at the feature race action.  When feature time came the seven buses hit the track with Chatfield and St. Ansgar on the front row after winning their heat races.  St. Ansgar jumped out front while a three wide battle for third found Waseca taking that spot behind Chatfield.  Glenville Emmons got up to speed and used the high line to move into third on lap four.  Grand Meadow and Glenville Emmons put on a tight race through laps six through nine for the fourth spot as Emanuel Lutheran took over the third spot.  The Grand Meadow, Glenville Emmons battle saw a lot of pushing and rubbing which all came to an end on lap nine when the Glenville Emmons bus ended up on its side towards the infield of the speedway.  After the caution period and cleanup work the race was restarted.  Chatfield took over the lead on the restart while Emanuel Lutheran picked up speed and went past St. Ansgar for the second spot.  The Emanuel Lutheran bus was flying and moved under Chatfield through three and four on the last lap but was unable to make the pass for the win.  Chatfield took home the win.


The Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature was ran first with Bryan Hernandez jumping out to the early lead.  Cory Crapser, Jason and Jeff Born were three wide for third early.  With two down an early restart saw Hernandez leading with Cory Crapser now moving into second.    Jared Boumeester moved into third with a five wide race for fourth down the backstretch.  Three down saw Hernandez working hard to hold off Crapser.  Dan Wheeler took control of the fourth spot with while Dustin Scott sat in fifth.  With five down Hernandez slowed bringing out the caution and handing the lead to Crapser.  On the restart Crapser led while Scott and Wheeler raced for third behind Boumeester.    On lap seven the racing up front got tight as Boumeester looked low on Crapser at the same time Scott was trying to get under him.  Nine down and Boumeester pushed up the hill allowing Scott into second while Wheeler moved into third.  Crapser worked through lapped traffic over the remaining laps to take home the win.


The Three 31 bar & Grill WISSOTA Street Stocks put on the best show of the night.  I have to commend about twelve drivers who were in the battle of the ages early on in the feature event without incident.  At the drop of the green Donny Ganz took off into the lead.  Karl Hewitt Jr., Fred Prudoehl and Mike Blowers were three wide for third early on behind Nicholas Schwebach.   On lap two everyone was in a hurry to get to the front as the battle for third was three cars wide, Four wide for sixth and three wide for tenth with all ten cars running bumper to bumper in the packs.  Up front Ganz was pulling away until the caution finally waved on lap six.  Just incredible to see that large pack swapping spots and staying out of trouble.  On the restart Ganz leads with Troy Voth moving into second.  Hewitt Jr. and Blowers were now racing for third.  Blowers took over third with Danny Hanson quickly moving into fourth on the next lap.  Nine completed saw Voth working low on Ganz and pulling alongside in the corners but not able to complete a pass.  Hanson worked past Blowers for third on lap thirteen and set sail for the leaders.  With two laps left Hanson and Voth were side by side for second.  Hanson won that battle but was unable to gain on Ganz up front who took home his first checker flag at “THE CREEK”.



The Hinz Trucking USRA B-Modifieds were up next with Erik Kanz in the lead followed by Brandon Hare in second.  Billy Steinberg and Shaun Walski were racing for third.  A caution on lap five saw Hare take over the lead with Kanz and Walski racing for second.  Then a streak of cautions plagued the field for the next four laps with the race director telling the drivers the next caution would cut five laps from their race.  It helped as they ran from lap ten to the end without another caution.  Hare would lead with Walski taking over second.  Kanz in third while Parker Hale worked into the top five.  Hale took over fourth from Steinberg on lap twelve while Kanz and Walski raced the rest of the race side by side for second.  At the finish it was Hare with the win, Walski second and Kanz third.  Hale and Steinberg rounded out the top five.


The US ARMY WISSOTA Super Stocks saw a stacked field as Kevin Hager led early.  Kelly Anderson sat in second while Tony Bloom and Jeff Brauer raced for third.  Dave Mass, Don Eischens and Cory Tammen were three wide for fifth.  With two down Anderson worked past Hager for the lead.  Brauer quickly moved past Hager for second and started to challenge Anderson for the lead.  The two up front continued to battle as Mass worked into third on lap seven.  Brauer finally got the upper hand on lap twelve as the caution flew.  On the restart Brauer led with Mass in second.  Ross Dixon and Eischens raced for fourth.  Eischens kept control of the spot and on lap sixteen worked under Anderson for the third spot.  As the checkers waved it was Brauer, Mass, Eischens, Anderson and Dixon in the top five.


The NAPA Auto Care USRA Modifieds were flying on the track tonight.  Todd Scharkey led early with Lucas Schott in second.  Jason Miller and Keith Foss were racing for third as Schott started to pressure Scharkey up front.  Jay Ihrke worked into the top five and on lap four worked under miller for fourth.  On the next lap Ihrke worked under Foss for third as a caution flew.  On the restart Scharkey led with Tim Donlinger moving forward.  With eight down Donlinger worked past Ihrke for third and then under Schott for second.  Miller and Ihrke now raced for fourth.  Donlinger worked past Scharkey on lap eighteen to take the lead.  Late in the race Bob Timm who started twentieth on the field worked past Ihrke to take over the fifth spot as the checkers waved.  At the finish it was Donlinger with the win, Scharkey, Schott, Miller and Timm in the top five.


School Bus Races

Feature – Chatfield, Emanuel Lutheran, St. Ansgar, Waseca, Grand Meadow, Pine Island, Glenville Emmons.


Hinz Trucking USRA B-Modifieds

Feature – Brandon Hare, Shaun Walski, Erik Kanz, Parker Hale, Billy Steinberg, Scott Demmer, Kylie Kath, Ben Anderson, Mike Jaeger, Jacob Bleess, Dan Tenold, Josh Gesell, Aaron Haggerty, Joshua Smith, John Warrington, Alex Williamson, Patrick McCarthy, Todd Borwege, Robert Schoenfelder, Terry Kohnert, Michael Wytaske, Jack Baehman, Greg Mattick

Heat 1 – Mattick, Smith, Demmer, Jaeger, Tenold, Williamson, Warrington, McCarthy

Heat 2 – Kanz, Hare, Walski, Steinberg, Bleess, Haggerty, Wytaske, Borwege

Heat 3 – Hale, Anderson, Kath, Baehman, Gesell, Kohnert, Schoenfelder


Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Cory Crapser, Dustin Scott, Dan Wheeler, Jared Boumeester, Cody Gardner, Shane Sabraski, Jason Born, Bob Bunne, Josh Crary, Jeff Born, Jesse Hernandez, Tyron Friese, Casey Trom, Mike Mehling, Harlan Morehart, Charlie Steinberg, Dalton Yohnk, Bryan Hernandez, Mike Paulson

Heat 1 – Boumeester, Je. Born, Yohnk, Friese, Mehling, Trom, Bunne, Sabraski, Gardner, J. Hernandez

Heat 2 – Crapser, Scott, B. Hernandez, Ja. Born, Wheeler, Paulson, Crary, Morehart, Steinberg


Three 31 Bar & Grill WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Donny Ganz, Danny Hanson, Troy Voth, AJ Zvorak, Karl Hewitt Jr., Justin Pogones, Shaun Mann, Fred Prudoehl, Kory Adams, Dan Holland, Jesse Stahl, Brent Holland, Nicholas Schwebach, James Weber, Briana Grinstead, Lee Hager, Mike Blowers, Lee Jonsgaard, Jason Newkirk

Heat 1 – Hanson, Blowers, Zvorak, Voth, Adams, Stahl

Heat 2 – Ganz, Schwebach, Prudoehl, D. Holland, B. Holland, Newkirk



Feature – Jeff Brauer, Dave Mass, Don Eischens, Kelly Anderson, Ross Dixon, Cory Tammen, Tony Bloom, Kevin Hager, Dave Solum, David Carlson, Chuck Nerland, Harlan Morehart, Ryan Siegle

Heat 1 – Mass, Brauer, Anderson, Hager, Solum, Morehart

Heat 2 – Eischens, Dixon, Bloom, Tammen, Nerland, Siegle, Carlson


NAPA Auto Care USRA Modifieds

Feature – Tim Donlinger, Todd Scharkey, Lucas Schott, Jason Miller, Bob Timm, Jay Ihrke, Steve Wetzstein, Josh Angst, Joel Alberts, Brandon Davis, Keith Foss, Colt Mather, Jason Cummins, Jacob Dahle, Dustin Scott, Doug Hillson, Ryan York, Andy Bohnstengel, Jake Timm, Ric Fynbo, Mark Noble, Cole Queensland, LeRoy Scharkey, Mick Glenn

“B” Feature – Queensland, York, Noble, Bohnstengel, Greg Jensen, Dustin Steinbrink, Jeremy Misgen, Tom Brink, AJ Wiste, Darwyn Karau, Joe Horgdal

Heat 1 – J. Timm, Scott, Hillson, Fynbo, Glenn, Karau, Wiste, Horgdal

Heat 2 – Alberts, T. Scharkey, Donlinger, Davis, Mather, Jensen, Bohnstengel, York

Heat 3 – Wetzstein, Foss, Schott, Angst, Cummins, Queensland, Misgen, Noble

Heat 4 – Ihrke, Miller, Dahle, L. Scharkey, B. Timm, Steinbrink, Brink

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