Real Time Scoring – Mobile Lineups

Real Time Scoring – Mobile Lineups

SPRING VALLEY, MN – June 30, 2012:  In 2010 Deer Creek Speedway implemented a computerized timing and scoring system called MyLaps.  Each car is required to put a transponder on their car which sends a signal that is picked up by a line that is dug under the start finish line which is located at the flag stand.  As each car passes the line data is instantly sent to the tower for the race director and crew to monitor. ivermectin dose for dogs with heartworms

Well race fans, that information is now available to you as well!  That’s right, laps times, passing info and more is right at your fingertips.  “We’ve been testing this program since the beginning of the season,” stated race director Justin Queensland. ivermectin tablets south africa side effects   “We feel we have most of the bugs worked out of it and are excited to offer this option to the fans and teams.”

There are three ways to obtain the timing and scoring data, a smart phone, a computer, or by one of the TV’s located in the Miller Lite Beer Garden and Suite buildings.  To view by using a smart phone fans will have to go to the app store and download an app called “Race Monitor.”  There is a fee for his app which is charged by the company that designed it, Deer Creek doesn’t receive any of the proceeds.  Once the app is downloaded scroll down and find the event being held at Deer Creek Speedway. purchase ivermectin canada   Click here to view the app online.

Fans can also view this information on their computer for FREE.  Simply go to and click on the “Fan Info” tab, you’ll then see a link called “Real Time Scoring.”

MOBILE LINEUPS:  Don’t forget that you can also get lineups on your smart phone or computer as well for FREE!  Go to and click on the “Fan Info” tab, you’ll then see a “Mobile Lineup” tap that you can click on.  There you will see the lineups for the individual races and in the upper right hand side is a button to click that will take you to the results page.

This information will be available during all regular point night events and some specials.  We are continuously working with the traveling series to make their information available to our fans as well when they come to The Creek.

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