Photo Finish for Foss and Davis, Flower Power Reigns Supreme

Photo Finish for Foss and Davis, Flower Power Reigns Supreme

SPRING VALLEY, MN – May 18, 2013:  (Photos courtesy of Gulbranson Photography)  Saturday was the annual Johnston Auto Stores School Bus Race night at the Creek.  Bernard Bus Service of Chatfield has helped with this annual event getting and preparing buses for the event and this year ten buses were needed.  Schools that were on hand to participate this year included. St. Ansgar Iowa, Chatfield, Immanuel Lutheran, Kingsland, Goodhue, LeRoy Ostrander, Grand Meadow, Waseca, Blooming Prairie and Pine Island.  The racing was p20130518-D3S_2364retty action packed in the features with three and four wide racing happening on the speedway.  Four buses racing side by side take up a lot of room.  We even had a pass in the grass tonight as a bus stalled in front of a side by side for third place leaving no place to go.  Chatfield took the early lead and built up a straightaway lead until a caution gave Blooming Prairie driver Doug Miner who started at the back of the field and chance to catch up.  Blooming Prairie took over the top spot on the restart and took home the win followed by Chatfield and St. Ansgar.  Schools raised money through the sale of advance tickets.  Grand Meadow raised the most money taking home $1290 for their school.  RCTC was also on hand promoting the local college and offered up a best of show decorating contest. Money raised by other schools included LeRoy-Ostrander $1290, Blooming Prairie $668, Goodhue $500, Kingsland $266, Pine Island $194 and Waseca, Immanuel Lutheran, Chatfield and St. Ansgar each raising $140.00

Onto the regular racing action of 122 cars in the five classes at the speedway.  The Left Lane Transport USRA B-Modifieds on the track first for their feature.  Ben Moudry20130518-D3S_1566 led at the drop of the green with Karlie Kath in second.  With two completed Brandon Hare started to pressure Kath for the second spot.  Cory Crapser was close behind them in fourth looking for his chance.  With four laps completed Hare took over second and three laps later Crapser took over the third spot.  Up front Hare battled with Moudry for the lead and took it over on lap seven.  With thirteen complete Crapser pressured Kath for the second spot as Moudry had slipped back to fifth.  Crapser took over the second spot on lap sixteen but was unable to make up any more ground.  At the finish it was Hare with the win, Crapser second, Kath, Jacob Bleess and Alex Williamson rounding out the top five.  B-Feaures were won my Scott Demmer and Matt Jones while Cole Queensland, Crapser, Erik Kanz, Kath and Moudry won the heat races.

The SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks were up next with a great field of Twenty cars on han20130518-D3S_1679d to do battle.  Danny Richards and Andrew Lokenvitz paced the field to the green with Troy Voth quickly making it a three car battle for the lead.  Richards took control of the event on lap two.  Voth sat in second while Mike Blowers, Lokenvitz and Danny Hanson raced for third on lap three.  Blowers took over the third spot while AJ Zvorak put in a mid race charge to move into the top five and then took fourth away from Hanson on lap six.  Shaun Mann moved into fifth on lap eight while Blowers and Voth still battled for second.  The race went off without a caution with Richards up front.  Voth, Blowers, Zvorak and Mann rounded out the top five.  Blowers, Richards and Zvorak won the heat races.

Josh Crary led early in the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds.  Tony Schill, Ryan Siegle, Casey Trom and Jared Boumeester battled for the second spot 20130518-D3S_1958early on. Schill took over second on lap four while Siegle, Trom and Boumeester continued to race hard for third.  A caution on lap five saw Crary leading with Siegle and Schill racing for second.  Behind them Boumeester and Greg Pfeifer Jr. battled for fourth.  With eleven down Crary pushed up the hill hard allowing Siegle to take over the lead.  On the next lap Schill moved past Siegle for the lead while Crary moved back into second.  At the finish it was Schill, Crary, Pfeifer Jr., Trom and Beau Lammers rounding out the top five.  Heat races were won by Siegle, Boumeester and Schill

In the Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stock division Kelly And20130518-D3S_2027erson and Jeff Brauer jumped out to the early lead.  Tommy Richards took over the second spot.  A caution on lap twelve bunched the field bak up and Anderson, Brauer and Richards ran nose to tail for the next few circuits until Anderson pulled away from Brauer slightly taking home the win.  Brauer, Richards, Kevin Hager and Jay Oricchio rounded out the top five.

The final regular race of the night saw Tim Donlinger take the early lead in the NapaAutocare USRA Modifieds.  Keith Foss and Tommy Myer battled for second.  Craig Thatcher moved inot the fourth spot with Jason Cummins in fifth early on.  A caution on lap four saw Donlinger pull off the track handing the lead to Foss on the restart.  Foss led with Thatcher and Myer racing side by side for second.  Cummins and Brandon Davis now raced for the fourth spot.  Davis took over fourth and on lap six was battling with Thatcher for the third spot.  Davis took over the third spot as Cummins now raced with Thatcher for the fourth spot on lap ten.  A caution on lap third saw Davis pressure Foss for the lead but Foss was too strong 20130518-D3S_2293holding onto the top spot.  Bob Timm cracked the top five after moving past Thatcher for the fifth spot.  With twenty down the top two pulled away from the field.  Myer and Cummins raced for third as Davis kept looking for a faster line that Foss.  At the finish it was Foss, Davis, Cummins, Myer and Timm rounding out the top five.  Ron Jones won the B-Feature and Davis, Myer, Lucas Schott and Thatcher took home the heat wins.

Racing resumes next week with the A&A Electric Spring Challenge with the United States Modified Touring Series.  Racing starts at 6:00


Left Lane Transport USRA B-Modifieds

Feature – Brandon Hare, Cory Crapser, Kylie Kath, Jacob Bleess, Alex Williamson, Ben Moudry, Cole Queensland, Shaun Walski, Jake Timm, Cody Gardner, Scott Demmer, Jerry Young, Brian Mahlstadt, Erik Kanz, John VanMinsel, Al Wagner, Parker Hale, Mark Motl, Matt Jones, Kadden Kath, Tyler Creely, Trevor Fecht, Steve Amundson, Troy Hovey

B-Main #1 – Demmer, Hale, Dustin Sorensen, Dean Hoffman, Taylor Ausrud, Mike Chisholm, Jared Walter, Mike Chisholm, Derek Clement

B-Main #2 – Jones, VanMinsel, Kyle Anderson, John Warrington, Rod Hinz, Chris Roney, Pete Kiley, Brian Hermanson

Heat 1 – Queensland, Hovey, Wagner, Young, Demmer, VanMInsel, Jones, Roney

Heat 2 – Crapser, Bleess, Williamson, Mahlstadt, Anderson, Hoffman, Hale, Chisholm

Heat 3 – Kanz, Walski, Kath, Motl, Sorensen, Hinz, Chisholm

Heat 4 – Kath, Hare, Timm, Fecht, Kiley, Hermanson, Clement

Heat 5 – Moudry, Amundson, Gardner, Creely, Ausrud, Walter, Warrington


SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Danny Richards, Troy Voth, Mike Blowers, AJ Zvorak, Shaun Mann, Danny Hanson, Kory Adams, Derek Ludington, Karl Hewitt Jr., Cory Asmussen, Bernie Adams, Brent Holland, Cole Lonergan, JR Jones, Andrew Ausman, Nick Schwebach, Andrew Lokenvitz, Jordan Becker, Chris Abts, Fred Prudoehl

Heat 1 – Blowers, Prudoehl, Voth, Mann, K. Adams, Becker, Abts

Heat 2 – Richards, B. Adams, Ludington, Asmussen, Schwebach, Hewitt Jr., Lonergan

Heat 3 – Zvorak, Hanson, Lokenvitz, Ausman, Holland, Jones


Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Tony Schill, Josh Crary, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Casey Trom, Beau Lammers, Bobby Saterdalen, Ron Jablonske, Tyron Friese, Bonnie Jablonske, Tammy Soma, Keaton Schaefer, Bryan Hernandez, Jayme Hiller, Jared Boumeester, Ryan Siegle, Mike Mehling, Tim Myhre, Jason Born, Tony Condit, Don Schaefer

Heat 1 – Siegle, Born, Hernandez, Myhre, Hiller, R. Jablonske, Soma

Heat 2 – Boumeester, Pfeifer Jr., Crary, Saterdalen, Friese, Mahling, D. Schaefer

Heat 3 – Schill, Lammers, Trom, B. Jablonske, Condit, K. Schaefer


Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature – Kelly Anderson, Jeff Brauer, Tommy Richards, Kevin Hager, Jay Oricchio, Brian Fetting, dan Bork, Ryan Henderson, Mike Fitzpatrick, Dave Solum, Harlan Morehart, Andrew Bleess, Josh Bartel, Chad Dawson

Heat 1 – Richards, Hager, Oricchio, Fetting, Bartel, Henderson, Morehart

Heat 2 – Anderson, Brauer, Bork, Fitzpatrick, Solum, Bleess, Dawson


NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds

Feature – Keith Foss, Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Tommy Myer, Bob Timm, Mike Sorensen, Craig Thatcher, Josh Angst, Steve Wetzstein, Jake Timm, Nate Wasmund, Ron Jones, Darwyn Karau, Dan Bohr, Pat Grahm, Lucas Schott, Tom Brink, Lance Hofer, Doug Hillson, Jason Schlangen, Tim Donlinger, Todd Scharkey, Greg Jensen, Brad Waits

B Feature – Jones, Bohr, Schlangen, Brink, Joel Alberts, Tyler Clark, LeRoy Scharkey, Dwaine Hanson, Chris Loberg, Joe Horgdal, Don Gerritsen Jr.

Heat 1 – Davis, Donlinger, Grahm, Angst, T. Scharkey, Jones, Schlangen. L. Scharkey

Heat 2 – Myer, Foss, Hofer, Jensen, Hillson, Brink, Gerritsen Jr., Loberg

Heat 3 – Schott, J. Timm, Cummins, B. Timm, Wasmund, Bohr, Clark, Hanson

Heat 4 – Thatcher, Sorensen, Waits, Karau, Wetzstein, Horgdal, Alberts


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