Parmenter and Motl Take Home Another First Place Finish

Parmenter and Motl Take Home Another First Place Finish

July 28, 2016 Spring Valley, MN Blake Trucking Slingshot races at Deercreek Speedway had plenty of excitement for the fans this week.


With only 2 cars left in the Junior class, the 7C of Curtis Parmenter and the 43 of Koby Wagner are left to duke it out for the remainder of the season.  The 7C of Parmenter started on pole this week with Wagner on his outside.  Parmenter pulled out to an early lead right away on Wagner, but it didn’t take long for Wagner to close the gap and challenge Parmenter for the lead with every lap.  Parmenter came out high of turn four and Wagner was able to get underneath Parmenter on the front stretch.  Wagner was unable to hold onto the position and had to let off the gas coming into turn one allowing Parmenter to retain the lead to the checkered flag, Wagner finished in 2nd place this week.


The Senior class feature was led by the 20 of Gage Motl with the 29 of Lili Reps on his outside.  Inside second row was the 8T of Toby Kennedy with the 24 of Joe Chisholm on the outside.  Third row inside was the Kolt34 of Kolton Brauer.  After the first lap it was Motl out in front with the 29 of Reps right on his bumper.  The 8T of Kennedy and the 24 of Chisholm battled hard for second place with Chisholm able to take over second.  Brauer also moved up a spot as Kennedy slid up in turn two.  Chisholm managed to drive around the outside of Reps to take over second place seconds before a caution involving Brauer and Kennedy.  Motl, still out front on the restart, had no room for error as Chisholm tried to find an edge around him.  The 29 of Reps took the high side on Chisholm hoping to regain her second place position but contact from Chisholm underneath trying to keep his spot in turn one put her spun around in turn two bringing out the final caution.  With only four laps left, the running order of Motl, Reps, Brauer, Kennedy, and Chisholm was tight.  The 8T of Kennedy pulled into the infield unable to finish the race, but it was the 20 of Motl who was able to hold onto his lead clenching his second victory of the 2018 season.  The 29 of Reps finished in 2nd place, the Kolt34 of Brauer in third, and the 24 of Joe Chisholm in 4th. 


Heat race winners included the 7C of Curtis Parmenter and the 24 of Joe Chisholm.


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