Motl prevails with a clean sweep, Brauer unstoppable up front

Motl prevails with a clean sweep, Brauer unstoppable up front

Motl prevails with a clean sweep, Brauer unstoppable up front

June 27, 2015 KC Lawn Care Slingshot races at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN.  The theme this week was Pinked Out and the kids enjoyed pinking out their cars and themselves for this important cause of helping to fight breast cancer. ivermectin covid-19 The slingshots drivers even carried their helmets around the stands helping to raise over $600 towards the cause. Changes in the configuration in the corners of the Button Buck track this week gave the drivers another groove to run on the track.   This made the track more competitive allowing more passing to be done through the corners. This was most evident in the junior class this week when at one point they were three wide coming out of turn two during one of the heat races. ivermectin broward county

The pee wee feature was led by the k34 car of Kolton Brauer. Alongside Brauer was the 8T car of Toby Kennedy. Second row inside was the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt, and on the outside second row was the 43 of Koby Wagner. Brauer got out to an early lead in this feature stretching out his lead with every lap. The 8T car of Kennedy followed behind Brauer waiting patiently to find his opening, but Brauer never gave him an opportunity and powered through turn 4 for the checkered flag this week with Kennedy crossing in 2nd. The 411 of Oldefendt and the 43 of Wagner changed positions a couple times in this feature race making for some excitement in the backfield. The 411 of Oldefendt was able to clutch the 3rd place spot this week with Wagner finishing in 4th.

The junior feature had a total of 7 cars this week with the 20 car of Gage Motl out on pole to begin the race. Outside front row was the 77 of Hunter Kennedy. The 12 of Ayden Howard, 28jr of Devin Born, 34jr of Braden Brauer, 25 of Joe Chisholm, and the 7 of Jacob Peterson wrapped up the junior slingshot feature starting order. Motl set a fast pace in this 12 lap feature race and quickly moved out front alone. The 77 car of Kennedy didn’t have enough to catch Motl out front, but firmly held onto his second place position. ivermectin for 30 days The 28jr of Born felt some heat from the 34jr car of Brauer moving up in the pack, but Born held tight this week trying to hang onto a top 3 finish. The 7 car of Peterson, the 25 of Chisholm, and the 12 of Howard swapped positions in the backfield. When the 20 car of Motl crossed the checkered for his first slingshot career feature win, he was followed by the 77 of Kennedy, the 28jr of Born, the 34jr of Brauer, the 12 of Howard, the 25 of Chisholm, and the 7 of Peterson.

The senior slingshots had six cars this week. The starting order was the 44 of Karlie Wagner, the 53 of Tianna Mithun, the 18R of Evan Reyna, the 60 of Coby Mann, and the 4W of Tucker Williams and Jim Chisholm driving the #10 house car. The track changes definitely benefitted these drivers as they wowed the crowd yet again with their driving skills. The 53 car of Mithun and the 44 car of Wagner had an impressive battle with each capturing the lead during the 18 lap feature. The 60 car of Mann maneuvered the track like a pro this week getting around the 18R of Reyna, but Reyna also used his driving skills in the corners to hold off the 4W of Williams. The 24 car of Chisholm had a tough break this week, when in the earlier heat race, he blew his motor crossing the finish line. Chisholm took a chance driving the #10 house car for the feature having to start in the back and was able to get ahead of both the 53 of Mithun and the 44 of Wagner to eventually lead the race. At the finish, it was the 24 of Chisholm, the 44 of Wagner, the 53 of Mithun, the 60 of Mann, the 18R of Reyna, and the 4W of Williams. Chisholm was forced to take a DQ due to a weight technicality with the house car changing the finishing order to the 44 of Wagner, the 53 of Mithun, the 60 of Mann, the 18R of Reyna, the 4W of Williams, and the 24 of Chisholm.

Heat race winners this week included the 8T of Toby Kennedy and the 34jr of Kolton Brauer in the pee wees. The 20 car of Motl in the juniors, and the 24 c

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