Memorial Weekend Results – Davis Dominates USMTS Action

Memorial Weekend Results – Davis Dominates USMTS Action

SPRING VALLEY, MN – May 25, 2013:   (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  Last weekend saw a perfect night for racing action at the speedway.  This weekend it was another cool and blustery night for the annual A&A Electric and Underground Southern Minnesota Spring Challenge race.  The annual race features the United States Modified Touring Series along with the Iron Man series for USRA Stock Cars and B Modifeds along with the WISSOTA Super Stocks and Street Stocks.  After receiving another 4″ of rain last Sunday and another inch midweek the crew worked hard to make a very smooth racetrack for the nights racing activities.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks were up first for their feature event with Danny Richards and Fred Prudoehl battling for the 20130525-D3S_4877lead for the first two laps.  Troy Voth led lap three as he shot below Richards and Prudoehl.  Richards took over the lead on lap th ree when Voth and Prudoehl were racing for the lead when Voth pushed up in turn two allowing Richards to shoot by into the lead leaving Prudoehl and Voth to race for second.  Danny Hanson and Mike Blowers rounded out the top five on lap four.  Hanson moved past the Voth and Prudoehl battle to take over second on lap five and set out for the leader.  Prudoehl dropped back allowing Richards to take over the third spot while Blowers sat in fourth.  Blowers took over the third spot on lap seven and the top three ran nose to tail on lap eight as they pulled away from the pack.  Richards, Hanson and Blowers each ran slightly different lines up front and on lap ten Hanson pulled alongside of Richards for the lead.  Hanson led lap ten and eleven by a nose until lap when twelve when he pulled out front to gain control of the top spot..  With fourteen down Shaun Mann was racing Prudoehl for the fifth spot behind Voth.  Mann took over the position as the white flew.  Richards made one last stitch effort and closed up on Hanson’s rear bumper into three but was unable to get enough drive to make a pass out of four.  Hanson took home the win ahead of Richards, Blowers, Voth and Mann.  Richards and Mann won the heat race action.

The USRA Iron Man Series for B-Modifieds were on hand with 44 cars on hand to do battle. Corey  Crapser, Brandon Hare and Dan Wheeler raced out of turn two three wide for the lead on the start.  Crapser took control of the event while Austin Kaplan rim rode around the top o20130525-D3S_5165f the speedway in the fourth spot looking to gain some momentum as most of the field used the bottom of the track.  A caution with three complete saw Crapser leading ahead of Hare and Jacob Bleess.  Wheeler sat in fourth with Kaplan working him on the high side.  Another caution with eight down saw Crapser take the lead and Bleess moving into second.  Hare sat in third while Shaun Walski moved past Kaplan for the fourth spot.  With ten complete Walski running the middle of the track moved past Hare for the third spot.    Bleess was all over Crapser up front as another caution flew on lap eleven.  On the restart Crapser led with Walski in second.  Cody Gardner worked into the top five.  On lap thirteen Walski pulled alongside of Crapser for the lead taking over the point on lap fourteen.  Cole Queensland worked into the fifth spot and was battling Gardner for fourth on lap seventeen.  As the checkers flew it was Walski with the win, Crapser in second.  Bleess, Gardner and Queensland rounded out the top five.  Heat races were won by Bleess, Crapser, Brady Keefe, Wheeler and Hare.  Queensland and Parker Hale won the B-Features.

Josh Bartel led early in the WISSOTA Super Stock feature with Ryan Henderson sitting in second with Dave Sol20130525-D3S_5197um in third.  With two down Henderson started to pressure Bartel for the lead.  Brian Fetting and Jeff Brauer moved past Solum to battle for third.  Brauer took over third.  On lap seven Fetting shot past Brauer and Henderson to take over second with Brauer following through to move back into third.  On lap eight Tommy Richards moved into the fourth spot with Kelly Anderson right behind in fifth.  With nine down Fetting moved past Bartel for the lead with Brauer now working on him for second.  A caution with twelve down bunched up the field again.  On the restart Fetting led with Brauer in second.  Brauer pressured Fetting low while Richards and Anderson battled for third.  With sixteen complete Brauer went into turn three hard and in the middle of three and four tagged the rear corner of Fetting sending them both around and bringing out the caution.  On the restart Fetting led with Anderson moving into the second spot.  Richards rounded out the top three as the laps clicked off.  At the finish it was Fetting with the win.  Anderson, Richards, Henderson and Brauer rounded out the top five.  Brauer and Anderson won the heat race action earlier in the night.

Sean Johnson jumpeStock Carsd out front in the USRA Iron Challenge Series for Stock Cars with Mitch Hovden in second.  Tom Schmitt sat in third early.  With two down Schmitt moved into second and on lap three took the lead.  Lynn Panos took over the third spot behind Johnson while Hovden and Brian Webb rounded out the top five.  With seven complete Hovden got the top side of the speedway working for him as he moved past Panos than pressured Johnson for the second spot.  A caution on lap ten slowed the field and on the restart Hovden blasted around Schmitt to take the lead.  Panos followed through into second while they ran three wide for the fifth spot.  Hovden slowly pulled away from the field to take home the win ahead of Panos, Schmitt, Webb and Steve Jackson.  Panos, Webb and Johnson took home the heat wins earlier.

The final race of the night was the forty lap USMTS Feature.  Brandon Davis redrew the pole and jumped out front on the start.  Jason Cummins moved into second with Stormy Scott in third pressuring him for the spot.  Ron Jones and Lucas Schott rounded out the top five early on.  20130525-D3S_5520With seven down Scott really started working low on Cummins for the second spot while Davis pulled out to a half straightaway lead.  With thirteen down lapped traffic was going to be the factor.  Scott moved past Cummins in traffic on lap fourteen to take over second.  Three laps later Jones moved past Cummins for the third spot.  Scott caught Davis on lap thirty but a restart on lap thirty two slowed his progress.  Davis held onto the top spot for the next eight laps taking home the win ahead of Scott, Jones, Cummins and Dereck Ramirez who moved into the top five late race.  Heat races were won by Josh Angst, Cummins, Schott, Jones and Remirez.  Joey Jensen and Mike Sorensen won the “B” Features

Deer Creek Speedway moves back into regular race action with action in all six classes at the speedway as we move into the month of June.  Slingshot action starts at 3:00 and the action on the Speedway starts at 6:00

United States Modified Touring Series
Feature: Brandon Davis, Stormy Scott, Ron Jones, Jason Cummins, Dereck Ramirez, Joey Jensen, Todd Scharkey, Mike Sorensen, Kelly Shryock, Tim Donlinger, Trevor Hunt, Zack VanderBeek, Johnny Scott, Adam Hensel, Jason Schlangen, Corey Dripps, Pat Graham, Greg Jensen, Jake Timm, Lucas Schott, Ron Ver Beek, Clayton Wagamon, Tommy Myer, Brad Waits, Joe Horgdal, Steve Wetzstein, Josh Angst
REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #1: J. Jensen, Ver Beek, Hensel, Dripps, Horgdal, G. Jensen, Wetzstein,  Masen Big Eagle, Doug Hillson, Nate Wasmund, Pat Graham, Johnny Scott, Dan Bohr, Keith Foss, Lance Hofer, Craig Thatcher
REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #2: Sorensen, Myer, Hunt, Donlinger, VanderBeek, Wagamon, Bob Timm, Daniel Hilsabeck, Darwin Karau, Joey Galloway, Joel Alberts, J.J. Wise, Dean Mahlstedt, Jason Hughes
BEYEA CUSTOM HEADERS HEAT RACE #1: Angst, S. Scott, Sorensen, J. Jensen, Donlinger, VanderBeek, Alberts, Galloway, Graham
JRi SHOCKS HEAT RACE #2: Cummins, Waits, Hunt, Wetzstein, Hensel, Hilsabeck, Wasmund, G. Jensen, Dailey
EIBACH SPRINGS HEAT RACE #3: Schott, Shryock, Schlangen, Wise, Wagamon, Hofer, Mahlstedt, Hughes, Thatcher
PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT RACE #4: Jones, Scharkey, Davis, Foss, Ver Beek, Karau, J. Scott, Dripps
HEAT RACE #5: Ramirez, J. Timm, Horgdal, Myer, Bohr, Hillson, Big Eagle, B. Timm

WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature – Brian Fetting, Kelly Anderson, Tommy Richards, Ryan Henderson, Jeff Brauer, Josh Bartel, Kevin Hager, Brandon Duellman, Andrew Bleess, Dave Solum, Harlan Morehart
Heat 1 – Brauer, Richards, Solum, Henderson, Duellman, Bleess
Heat 2 – Anderson, Fetting, Hager, Bartel, Morehart

Heat #1: Panos, Schmitt, Goergen, Altenberg, Peter, Wannarka, Tweten, Curtin
Heat #2: Webb, Falck, Hovden, Ludeking, Hoy, Sathoff, Brown
Heat #3: Johnson, Jackson, Sacquitne, Solum, Kalis, Masters, Sebastian, Toot.
“A” Main: Mitch Hovden, Lynn Panos, Tom Schmitt, Brian Webb, Steve Jackson, Sean Johnson, Andy Altenberg, Danny Sacquitne, Kyle Falck, Shawn Peter, Pete Solum, Ned Kalis, Jake Ludeking, Dustin Wannarka, Arlen Hoy, Brent Tweten, Ryan Goergen, Luke Sathoff, Jesse Brown, Casey Sebastian, Austin Curtin, Chris Toot, Jake Masters.

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature – Danny Hanson, Danny Richards, Mike Blowers, Troy Voth, Shaun Mann, Doug Wojcik, Fred Prudoehl, Karl Hewitt Jr., Brent Holland, Bernie Adams, Kory Adams, Nick Schwebach, Andrew Lokenvitz, Noah Grenstead, JR Jones.
Heat 1 – Richards, Hanson, Wojcik, Holland, Hewitt Jr., Schwebach, Grinstead, Jones
Heat 2 – Mann, Blowers, Voth, Prudoehl, B. Adams, K. Adams, Lokenvitz

“A” Main: Shaun Walski, Corey Crapser, Jacob Bleess, Cody Gardner, Cole Queensland, Brandon Hare, Aaron Benson, Dan Wheeler, Erik Kanz, Parker Hale, Dustin Sorenson, Scott Demmer, Jake Timm, Alex Williamson, Matt Jones, Jared Timmerman, Zwanziger, Josh Modde, Austin Kaplan, Don Schaefer, Chris Gilbertson, Brady Keefe, Jerry Young, Mark Motl
“B” Main #1: Queensland, Williamson, Gilbertson, Kanz, Sorenson, Timm, Kadden Kath, Dean Hoffman, Dakota Foster, John Warrington, Alex Schubbe, Rod Hinz, Mike Krueger, Kenny Boge Jr., Steve Amundson, Kurt Moeding
“B” Main #2: Hale, Modde, Jones, Timmerman, Zwanziger, Schaefer, Kylie Kath, Alan Wagner, Taylor Ausrud, Casey Trom, Dagan Heim, Michael Chisholm, Pete Kiley, Derek Clement, Mike Chisholm, Mike Yeager
Heat #1: Bleess, Kaplan, Benson, Wagner, Krueger, Warrington, Trom, Clement, Hinz
Heat #2: Crapser, Motl, Demmer, Gilbertson, Zwanziger, Timmerman, Timm, Amundson, Yeager
Heat #3: Keefe, Gardner, Young, Modde, Foster, Ausrud, Schubbe, Heim, Moeding
Heat #4: Wheeler, Queensland, Hale, Kanz, Williamson, Ka. Kath, Hoffman, Boge Jr., Michael Chisholm
Heat #5: Hare, Walski, Sorensen, Jones, Ky. Kath, Schaefer, Kiley, Mike Chisholm

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