Kennedy and Brauer do it again, Mithun continues to shine

Kennedy and Brauer do it again, Mithun continues to shine

Kennedy and Brauer do it again, Mithun continues to shine

Saturday, August 22, 2015 KC Lawn Care Slingshot races at Deer Creek Speedways in Spring Valley, Mn. The points battle is narrowing with only three races left in this slingshot racing series.

With only three cars this week in the pee week class, it was the 8T of Toby Kennedy on pole with the 43 of Koby Wagner on the outside and the k34 of Kolton Brauer starting in third. Right away at the green flag there was a battle up front between Kennedy and Wagner, but the 8T of Kennedy was able to pull ahead as the 43 of Wagner got too high in turn 2. The k34 of Brauer was right there to take over the second place spot and put the pressure on Kennedy.   Brauer continued to chase down Kennedy. With one lap to go, Brauer and Kennedy were running side by side coming into turn 4 when Brauer made his move, but got himself sideways allowing Kennedy to pull away for the checkered flag. The 43 of Wagner followed in 2nd, and Brauer in 3rd. This three way battle was definitely exciting to watch!

The junior class had 7 cars this week with the 25 of Joe Chisholm on pole. On the outside of the 25 was the 20 of Gage Motl. The 7p car of Jordan Peterson was on the inside second row and the 34jr of Braden Brauer outside second row. The 77 of Hunter Kennedy started third row inside, the 12 of Ayden Howard outside third row. The 28jr of Devin Born started in 7th.   Chisholm, Motl, and Brauer battled it out up front while the 77 of Kennedy and the 7p of Peterson fought for the 4th place position. The 12 of Howard and the 28jr of Born were bringing up the 6th and 7th place spots anxiously trying to move up in the pack. With three laps left, Motl was able to maneuver around the outside of Chisholm for the lead, but got too high in turn four and found himself off the track. On the restart with Motl now in 7th, the 28jr of Born had moved himself up into the 4th place spot with the 7p of Peterson now in third. The 77 of Kennedy fell back to the 5th place spot with the 12 of Howard in 6th. It was the 34jr of Brauer now challenging the 25 of Chisholm, and with only a few feet to go, Brauer pulled around ahead of Chisholm for the win. The 25 of Chisholm came in 2nd, the 7p of Peterson in 3rd, the 28jr of Born in 4th, the 12 of Howard in 5th, the 77 of Kennedy in 6th, and the 20 of Motl in 7th.   There was definately some impressive driving by these youngsters in this feature race!

The senior class feature was being led by the 60 of Colby Mann with the 53 of Tianna Mithun on the outside. The 44 of Karlie Wagner started second row inside alongside the 24 of Jim Chisholm.   This week it was the 53 of Mithun jumping out to the early lead of the 18 lap feature race. The 24 of Chisholm followed inches behind the 60 of Mann anticipating his every move.   Mithun never looked back as she stretched out her lead while the battle between Chisholm and Mann for 2nd place continued. As Chisholm and Mann raced side by side for several laps, it was Chisholm who eventually emerged to take the 2nd place position with only a few laps to go. As they crossed the finish line, it was Mithun taking the checkered flag with ease this week. The 24 of Chisholm finished in 2nd, the 60 of Mann in 3rd, and Wagner in the 44 gave it all she had, but came up short this week finishing in 4th place. You can guarantee these senior slingshots will put on another good show next Saturday!

Heat race winners included the 43 of Koby Wagner and the 8T of Toby Kennedy in the pee wee class. The 7p of Jordan Peterson and the 20 of Gage Motl in the junior class. The 53 of Tianna Mithun was the heat race winner in the senior class.

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