JAM THE STANDS a Huge Success – Racing action was Intense

JAM THE STANDS a Huge Success – Racing action was Intense

SPRING VALLEY, MN – July 14, 2013:  (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  Tonight saw a huge crowd on hand for the JAM THE STANDS night at Deer Creek Speedway thanks to the Minnesota Corn Growers and a large group of sponsors.  Everyone who walked through the door got in free thanks to this great list of sponsors and they saw a great night of racing with some really close finishes.  The track crew had to pull out all the stops again to provide a great racing surface as the rains that hit the speedway in the morning subsided during the lunch hour giving them just enough time to get the races started just shortly after 6:00.JamTheStandsWebCver


The first feature of the night was the Left Lane Transport USRA B-Modified Feature.  Brady Keefe and Alex Williamson raced it out of turn two for the lead on the start.  Keefe took the early lead while Jacob Bleess moved under Williamson for second.  With two completed Cole Queensland and Williamson raced for the third spot.  Troy Hovey worked into the top five.  A restart on lap three saw Keefe leading with Queensland and Bleess racing for second.    Bleess kept the spot and started to pressure Keefe for the lead.  Hovey worked under Queensland for third on lap four as Bleess took over the lead.  Hovey moved into second on lap five while Williamson and Brandon Hare raced for fifth.  With ten completed Bleess still led with Hovey in second.  Queensland started to work low on Keefe for third when Keefe slid up the banking in turn three and pounded the wall bringing out a caution.  On the restart Bleess led out of turn two however coming through four Bleess, Queensland, Hovey and Ben Moudry battled four wide for the lead.  Bleess held on for the top spot while Queensland now sat in second.  Queensland was running the top side of the speedway with Bleess running just slightly lower.  Queensland then moved low as they came for the white flag.  Entering turn one Queensland moved back to the top side of the speedway and pulled alongside of Bleess for the lead.  Exiting turn four the momentum Queensland had on the top side of the speedway propelled him past Bleess for the win by a nose.  The win was Queensland’s first win in the class.  John VanMinsel won the “B” Feature while Bleess, Moudry, Keefe and Kadden Kath won the heat races.
The SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks pulled onto the speedway for their feature event with Karl Hewitt Jr., taking the early lead.  Troy Voth and Kory Adams raced for second with Danny Hanson right behind them.  Further back Mike Blowers, Danny Richards and Bernie Adams were three wide for the fifth spot.  With three down Voth and K. Adams raced by Hewitt to take their battle to the front of the field.  Hanson and Kyle King now raced side by side for the third spot as Voth started to gain control of the race.  With seven completed Hanson and King still ran side by side as they closed up on Adams in the second spot.  Hanson took over third on lap nine and on lap ten worked past Adams for the runner up spot.    Blowers and King raced for the fourth spot while Voth pulled out to a half straight away lead up front.  On lap eleven Voth led while the next six cars were two wide three rows deep in a close battle for position.  Hanson took over second spot.  With sixteen down, Blowers moved into the third spot but he nor Hanson had anything for Voth up front.  Voth took home the win followed by Hanson, Blowers, Shaun Mann and Danny Richards.  Heat races were won by Hanson and Mann
The Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds pulled onto the track.  After an initial restart Dustin Scott and Tim Myhre raced for the lead.  Scott took the lead at the completion of lap one while Myhre and Greg Pfeifer Jr., raced for the second spot on lap two.  Jared Boumeester pulled up to race with Pfeifer Jr. as the two cleared Myhre.  With four down Scott slowly pulled away from the field and hands down had the best car on the track.  Boumeester took control of the second spot but was unable to gain any ground on Scott up front.  Scott took home the win with Boumeester in second.  Pfeifer Jr., Tony Schill and Myhre rounded out the top five.  Heat races were won by Scott and Boumeester.
The Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stocks were up next with Ryan Henderson getting the early jump on the field.  Dave Solum sat in second while Kelly Anderson, Tommy Richards and Jeff Brauer raced for third.  Anderson made a strong move on lap two and drove by everyone to take over the lead.  Brauer sat in third behind Henderson on lap three.  With five down Brauer moved into the second spot while Richards followed through to third on the next lap.  With eight down Anderson rolled around the bottom side of the speedway while Brauer jumped to the top side and started to make the high line work.  With ten complete Brauer and Anderson were side by side for the lead.  Brauer took over the top spot on lap eleven and never looked back as he pulled away from the field for the win.  Late in the race Anderson fell back allowing Richards to take over second.  Ed Sanders and Brian Fetting were in a battle for fourth as they closed up on Anderson late in the race.  They both cleared Anderson as the checkers flew over the field.  At the finish it was Brauer with the win.  Richards, Sanders, Fetting and Anderson rounding out the top five.  Heat races were won by Anderson and Henderson
Nick Herrick jumped out front in the Altenburg Construction WISSOTA Late Model feature event with Neil Eckhart and Jake Redetzke racing for second.  Redetzke took over second on lap two while Nate Beyenhof worked past Kyle Jumbeck for the fourth spot.  With four completed Redetzke worked under Herrick for the lead.  Beyenhof worked past Eckhart for the third spot.  With seven completed Mike Prochnow worked into the top five.  With ten down Redetzke was running away from the field.  By lap fourteen second through sixth place were in a tight pack racing for position.  Prochnow and Jumbeck were side by side for fourth as the made contact coming out of four and both cars slid down the speedway bringing out a caution.  Jumbeck went to the pits with a flat tire while Prochnow restarted at the rear of the field.  On the restart Redetzke blasted back out front with Nate Beyenhof moving into second.  Nick Beyenhof, Dustin Strand and Herrick were three wide for third.  Nick took the spot and on lap eighteen started to battle with brother Nate for the second spot..  On lap twenty Nick took over the second spot while Joe Ludemann worked into fourth.  Ludemann moved under Nate Beyenhof for third on lap twenty two but no one was able to gain any ground on Redetzke up front who took home the win.  Nick Beyenhof, Ludemann, Nate Beyenhof and Strand rounded out the top five.  Herrick and Prochnow won the heat race action.



The final race of the night was another good one with the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds.  Kelly Shryock, Nate Wasmund and Joey Jensen were three wide for the lead until Jensen took over the lead at the completion of lap one.  Wasmund was in second with Shryock in third.  Josh Angst and Lucas Schott raced for fourth.  The first caution flew on lap two and on the restart Jensen led.  Wasmund was in second while Schott and Shryock raced for third.  Steve Wetzstein joined the battle for third on lap four.  Shryock held onto the position and started to pressure Wasmund for second.  With six down Shryock took over the second spot.  With seven completed Shryock, Wasmund and Wetzstein were three wide for second.  Just as Wasmund slipped back a little on lap eight, Schott found the high line to his liking and blew by all three of them to take over the second spot.  Wetzstein moved into third as Schott saw Jensen a straightaway ahead of him.  Schott tracked Jensen down and on lap fourteen showed the inside to Jensen.  Schott took over the lead on lap fifteen just before a caution flew on lap sixteen.  On the restart Schott blasted back out front up against the wall on the speedway. Wetzstein moved into second with Jensen in third.  Jason Cummins and Shryock raced for the fourth spot with Cummins taking the spot away as a final caution flew on lap twenty three.  Schott took home the win on the restart followed by Wetzstein, Cummins moved past Jensen for third with Shryock rounding out the top five.  Heat races were won by Shryock, Dan Bohr and Brad Waits.

Left Lane Transport USRA B-Modified
Feature – Cole Queensland, Jacob Bleess, Troy Hovey, Ben Moudry, Kadden Kath, Alex Williamson, Kylie Kath, Erik Kanz, Parker Hale, Mark Motl, Justin McMahan, Cody Gardner, Chris Gilbertson, Dustin Sorensen, Dean Hoffman, Mason Daughters, Mike Chisholm, Alan Wagner, Brian Mahlstadt, Brady Keefe, Brandon Hare, Shaun Walski, John VanMinsel, Trevor Fecht
“B” Feature – VanMinsel, Gilbertson, Motl, Walski, Tucker Breitung, Derek Clement, Dan Tenold, Russ Quinnell, Dagan Heim, Kenny Boge Jr., Rick Utley, Taylor Ausrud
Heat 1 – Ka. Kath, Kanz, Mahlstadt, Chisholm, Hoffman, Utley, Breitung, Ausrud
Heat 2 – Bleess, Williamson, Hare, Hale, McMahan, Gilbertson, Boge Jr., Tenold
Heat 3 – Moudry, Gardner, Ky. Kath, Sorensen, Fecht, Motl, Clement, Quinnell
Heat 4 – Keefe, Queensland, Hovey, Daughters, Wagner, VanMinsel, Walski, Heim

SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature – Troy Voth, Danny Hanson, Mike Blowers, Shaun Mann, Danny Richards, Kory Adams, Fred Prudoehl, Kyle King, Jason Barber, Bernie Adams, Noah Grinstead, Karl Hewitt Jr., Derek Ludington, Nathan Schumacher, Brent Holland, JR Jones, Jordan Becker, Nick Schwebach, Ben Goldsmith
Heat 1 – Hanson, Blowers, Voth, King, Prudoehl, Barber, Ludington, Schumacher, Goldsmith, Becker
Heat 2 – Mann, K. Adams, Hewitt Jr.,  Richards, B. Adams, Holland, Grinstead, Jones, Schwebach

Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Feature – Dustin Scott, Jared Boumeester, Greg Pfeifer Jr., Tony Schill, Tim Myhre, Jonathan Olmscheid, Bobby Saterdalen, Ron Jablonske, Patrick McCarthy Jr., Casey Trom, Tammy Soma, Ryan Wetzstein, Tyron Friese, Harlan Morehart, Jake Stark, Don Schaefer, Bobbie Jablonske, Mike Mehling, Keaton Schaefer
Heat 1 – Scott, Trom, Schill, R. Jablonske, B. Jablonske, K. Schaefer, Morehart, Friese, Olmscheid, D. Schaefer
Heat 2 – Boumeester, Pfeifer JR., Myhre, McCarthy Jr., Saterdalen, Soma, Stark, Wetzstein, Mehling
Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stock
Feature – Jeff Brauer, Tommy Richards, Ed Sanders, Brian Fetting, Kelly Anderson, Joey Jensen, Dave Solum, Ryan Henderson, Kevin Hager, Brett Dulas, Schatney Sanders, Andrew Bleess, Mike Fitzpatrick, Harlan Morehart, Josh Bartel
Heat 1 – Anderson, S. Sanders, Jensen, Solum, Dulas, Fitzpatrick, Morehart, Bartel
Heat 2 – Henderson, Brauer, E. Sanders, Richards, Fetting, Hager, Bleess
Altenburg Construction WISSOTA Late Models
Feature – Jacob Redetzke, Nick Beyenhof, Joe Ludemann, Nate Beyenhof, Dustin Strand, Nick Herrick, Justin Sass, Robby Bunkelman, Nick Kramer, Jerry Bloom, Mike Prochnow, Neil Eckhart, Roger Herrick, Jeff Sayler, Kyle Jumbeck
Heat 1 – N. Herrick, Ni. Beyenhof, Eckhart, Ludemann, Bloom, Strand, Bunkelman, Sayler
Heat 2 – Prochnow, Jumbeck, Redetzke, Na. Beyenhof, Kramer, Sass, R. Herrick

NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifeds
Feature – Lucas Schott, Steve Wetzstein, Jason Cummins, Joey Jensen, Kelly Shryock, Josh Angst, Keith Foss, Brandon Davis, Brad Waits, Tommy Myer, Dan Bohr, Brandon Jensen, Eric Dailey, Joel Alberts, Tim Donlinger, Darwyn Karau, Joe Horgdal, Mike Steensma, Jason Schlangen, Parker Brumm, Greg Jensen, Nate Wasmund, Mike Sorensen, Jake Timm, Shaun Olson, Corey Dripps
Heat 1 – Shryock, Steensma, J. Jensen, Cummins, Sorensen, Dailey, B. Jensen, Donlinger, Horgdal
Heat 2 – Bohr, Wetzstein, Angst, Schott, Davis, Schlangen, Alberts, Olson, Dripps
Heat 3 – Waits, Wasmund, Myer, Karau, Foss, G. Jensen, Timm, Brumm

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