Hughes Grabs Baudoin Oil Labor Day Duel

Hughes Grabs Baudoin Oil Labor Day Duel

SPRING VALLEY, MN – September 2, 2013:  (Photos courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  Bryan Hernandez and Ryan We20130831-D3S_4344tzstein raced out of turn two for the lead during the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature event. Hernandez grabbed the lead at the end of lap one. Jared Boumeester immediately went to work and took over second spot from Wetzstein on lap two. Ryan Siegle ran in fourth and Don Schaefer in fifth early on. With three down Boumeester started to pressure Hernandez for the lead and on lap four took over the top spot. Siegle started to work low on Wetzstein for the third spot. Tony Schill moved under Schaefer for the fifth spot on lap eight and then moved alongside of Siegle for the fourth spot. Schill took over fourth on lap ten and then moved past Wetzstein on lap twelve for third. Schill closed up on Hernandez in second until a caution flew on lap fifteen. acheter quanox On the restart Boumeester pulled out front with Schill and Hernandez battling for second. ivermectina 6 mg para que sirve Jason Haugerud worked into the fourth spot on the restart. At the finish it was Boumeester with the win followed by Hernandez, Schill, Haugerud and Wetzstein in the top five.

In the SixTw20130831-D3S_4708o Graphics WISSOTA Street Stock feature event the top six starters stayed side by side until the completion of lap one with Danny Hanson taking the early lead. Noah Grinstead and Kyle King raced side by side for second with Mike Blowers behind them in fourth. With three completed Grinstead took over the second spot with Blower quickly moving into third. Hanson had pulled out to a comfortable lead with eight down. ivermectina 6mg 4 comprimidos preço A caution on lap ten took away all of Hanson’s advantage. Hanson jumped back out front on the restart with Troy Voth, Grinstead and Blowers all racing for second. Blowers took over the second spot with Voth moving into third. Derek Ludington took advantage of the restart and moved into the fourth spot ahead of Grinstead. At the finish it was Hanson with the win, Blowers, Voth, Ludington and Grinstead rounded out the top five.

Joey Jensen and Jeremy Payne paced the field for the 40-lap United States Modified Touring Series (USMTS) feature event. Jensen took the early lead. Derek Ramirez and Payne battled for second on lap two. Ramirez took the spot with Jason Hughes following him through to third. Jason Krohn sat in fifth early on. A caution on lap four saw Jensen leading with Hughes moving into se20130831-D3S_4820cond. Krohn and Payne battled for third with Craig Thatcher now moving into the top five.  Hughes took over the top spot from Jensen on lap nine just as another caution flew. On the restart Hughes led with Jensen in second. Jason Krohn immediately started to pressure Jensen for second with Payne and Thatcher racing for fourth. With eleven completed Krohn moved past Jensen for second. By lap fifteen the top side of the speedway was getting slightly faster than the bottom but the tacky cushion was giving those up top a little fit allowing some running lower to make some position gains. One of those making the bottom start to work was Thatcher and on lap twenty three he started to pressure Payne for fourth again. Thatcher took the spot on lap thirty and on lap thirty two pressured Jensen for the third spot. Thatcher took the spot on lap thirty three. The final caution flew on lap thirty six with Hughes leading on the restart. Thatcher worked past Krohn to take over the second spot as the laps wound down. At the finish it Hughes with the win and the $3,000 check. Thatcher came home second ahead of Krohn, Payne and Stormy Scott who finished fifth.

Racing action resumes at Deer Creek Speedway on September 14, with the Clash at the Creek Featuring the World of Outlaw Sprint Cars.


Jason Hughes, Craig Thatcher, Jason Krohn, Jeremy Payne, Stormy Scott, Joey Jensen, Ryan Gustin, Johnny Scott, Rodney Sanders, Steve Wetzstein, Brandon Davis, Dereck Ramirez, Mike Sorensen, Lucas Schott, Josh Angst, Steve Whiteaker Jr., Zack VanderBeek, Kelly Shryock, Trevor Hunt, Troy Girolamo, Tommy Myer, Masen Big Eagle, Jacob Dahle, Corey Dripps, Bill Byholm, Todd Scharkey

REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #1 (12 laps, top 6 advance):

S. Scott, Dahle, Wetzstein, Sanders, Shryock, Angst, Jason Cummins, Whiteaker Jr., Tyler Clark, Keith Foss, Mark Gartner, Joe Wernecke, Daniel Hilsabeck, Joel Alberts, Jeff Conner, Doug Hillson.

REAL RACING WHEELS “B” MAIN #2 (12 laps, top 6 advance):

Davis, Gustin, Schott, Scharkey, Sorensen, Byholm, Bob Timm, Bobby Swanson, Ron Ver Beek, Zack VanderBeek, Darwin Karau, Jake Timm, Joe Horgdal, Pat Graham, Craig Shaw

BEYEA CUSTOM HEADERS HEAT RACE #1 – Thatcher, Girolamo, Swanson, Wetzstein, Timm, Byholm, Shaw, Conner, Whiteaker Jr.

JRi SHOCKS HEAT RACE #2 – Myer, Dripps, Hughes, Gustin, Sanders, Ver Beek, Foss, Timm, VanderBeek.

EIBACH SPRINGS HEAT RACE #3 – Jensen, Krohn, Hillson, Shryock, Dahle, Angst, Scharkey, Sorensen, Clark.

PBM PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS HEAT RACE #4 – Big Eagle, Ramirez, J. Scott, S. Scott, Graham, Karau, Gartner, Wernecke,

DAY MOTOR SPORTS HEAT RACE #5 – Payne, Hunt, Davis, Schott, Hilsabeck, Alberts, Cummins, Horgdal.

Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Jared Boumeester, Bryan Hernandez, Tony Schill, Jason Haugerud, Ryan Wetzstein, Ryan Siegle, Scott Sroufe, Don Schaefer, Jeff Born, Bill Stettner, Jesse Hernandez, Tanner Byholm, Jason Born, Tim Myhre, Jayme Hiller, Harlan Morehart, Tyron Friese, Charlie Steinberg, Tammy Soma, Casey Trom

Heat 1 – Trom, Schaefer, Jr. Born, Schill, Haugerud, Hiller, J. Hernandez

Heat 2 – Boumeester, Sroufe, Wetzstein, Byholm, Soma, Friese, Ja. Born

Heat 3 – Siegle, B. Hernandez, Stettner, Myhre, Steinberg, Morehart

SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Danny Hanson, Mike Blowers, Troy Voth, Derek Ludington, Noah Grinstead, Kory Adams, JR Jones, Kyle King, Lawrence DuBois, Dustin Tuma, Shaun Mann, Cory Asmussen, Brent Holland

Heat 1 – Blowers, Hanson, King, Adams, Jones, Tuma, DuBois

Heat 2 – Voth, Ludington, Asmussen, Grinstead, Holland, Mann

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