Graham & Skauge Top Deer Creek

Graham & Skauge Top Deer Creek

Spring Valley, MN (May 28)

By: Todd Narveson

This week at Deer Creek Speedway featured the 19th Annual Southern Minnesota Spring Challenge. Joining the Summit Racing Equipment USMTS Modifieds presented by RacinDirt.TV was the Medieval Chassis USRA Stock Cars and Kid’s Dreams Come True USRA B-Mods.

There was a huge field of 55-USRA B-Mods and 26-USRA Stock Cars on hand for the event. The program was presented by Action Engineering, Randy & Sandy Norby, Bill & Brenda Weber along with Orchard Creek Transportation.

The Stock Cars kicked off the feature races with pole sitter Shawn Peter out to the early lead. Pat Graham worked from row two and moved quickly to second. Graham moved in on lap seven to challenge Peter for the lead. One lap later and Graham took over the lead and started to pull away.

The race behind Graham was good as Todd Reitzler challenged Peter for second. Blake Adams, Mitch Hovden and Troy Hansmeier had a good race going behind that. The car on the move was Josh Zieman who started 16th and was just outside the top five.

Graham’s large lead was gone when a yellow flag came out on lap 12. The remaining eight laps Graham faced a serious challenge from Adams. Graham was up to that challenge and scored his first win at Deer Creek. Adams was a close second while Zieman drove all the way up to third. Hovden ended up in fourth and Reitzler was fifth.

It took six heat races and three B-mains to determine the 27-car starting field for the USRA B-Mods. Noah Grinstead and Hunter Longnecker led the field to the green flag. Grinstead took off and opened up a large lead and pulled away from the pack.

Longnecker settled into second while Taylor Skauge was in third. Skauge eventually took over second and that pass for position would be huge. Grinstead was about a straightaway ahead of everyone as the 20-lap race neared conclusion.

Grinstead worked lapped traffic and that turned out to be an issue for the leader. Grinstead got into a slower car in turn three on the final lap and triggered a four-car pile-up. Grinstead was called for the caution and his hopes for a win were gone.

Skauge pass for second proved valuable as he led the dash to the finish and won for the first time at Deer Creek. Longnecked finished second with Dan Hovden in third. Shaun Walski would finish in fourth while Michael Johnson came from 10th to fifth.



A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 32-Taylor Skauge[3]; 2. 93-Hunter Longnecker[2]; 3. 16D-Dan Hovden[9]; 4. 95X-Shaun Walski[5]; 5. 22C-Michael Johnson[10]; 6. 83R-Kullen Kath[6]; 7. 25-Joe Chisholm[8]; 8. 10T-Trevor Fecht[4]; 9. 54-Jett Sorensen[12]; 10. 20J-Brandon Maitland[14]; 11. 56H-Brandon Hare[16]; 12. 43-Zach Brom[21]; 13. 30-Scott Demmer[19]; 14. 28-Spencer Stock[18]; 15. RED1-Dan Wheeler[20]; 16. 85-Ben Moudry[26]; 17. 35X-Phillip Dunbar[7]; 18. 72-Alex Schubbe[11]; 19. 20S-Kevin Johnson[13]; 20. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[23]; 21. 60-Colby Mann[27]; 22. 53-Tianna Mithun[15]; 23. 14M-Brian Mahlstedt[22]; 24. 28-Ryan Thorsten[25]; 25. 87H-Harley Dais[24]; 26. (DNF) 99-Noah Grinstead[1]; 27. (DNF) 24-Dylan Goettl[17]

B Feature 1 (10 Laps): 1. 56H-Brandon Hare[6]; 2. 30-Scott Demmer[3]; 3. 14M-Brian Mahlstedt[4]; 4. 28-Ryan Thorsten[8]; 5. 28J-Jackson Hale[10]; 6. 88-Brady Boland[7]; 7. 29-Lilli Reps[14]; 8. 33-Corbin Ludemann[13]; 9. 97-Leigh Volkman[11]; 10. 77-Colton Weigel[1]; 11. 21-Rian Leichtnam[5]; 12. (DNF) 40-Colton Kramer[12]; 13. (DNF) 23K-Erik Kanz[9]; 14. (DQ) 37-Michael Wytaske[2]

B Feature 2 (10 Laps): 1. 24-Dylan Goettl[3]; 2. RED1-Dan Wheeler[1]; 3. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[2]; 4. 85-Ben Moudry[7]; 5. 35-Dennis Dunbar[6]; 6. 07-Alex Williamson[12]; 7. 7-Adam Rogich[10]; 8. 28T-Philip Ihde[4]; 9. 18-Tyler Werner[8]; 10. 64-John Ross[9]; 11. 67-Sawyer Swatek[11]; 12. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[5]; 13. (DNF) 97JR-Landon Volkman[13]

B Feature 3 (10 Laps): 1. 28-Spencer Stock[1]; 2. 43-Zach Brom[2]; 3. 87H-Harley Dais[5]; 4. 60-Colby Mann[3]; 5. 55-Brody Shaw[12]; 6. 45-Cole Lonergan[4]; 7. 2C-Cole Bennerotte[8]; 8. 83-Braeden Allen[6]; 9. 7M-Matt Tighe[7]; 10. 11J-Jacob Lynch[9]; 11. 13-Jesse Antiporek[11]; 12. (DNF) 155-Gavin Shaw[10]; 13. (DNS) 36-Devin Losee

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 93-Hunter Longnecker[1]; 2. 10T-Trevor Fecht[5]; 3. 28-Spencer Stock[3]; 4. 28T-Philip Ihde[4]; 5. 43-Zach Brom[9]; 6. 56H-Brandon Hare[8]; 7. 18-Tyler Werner[2]; 8. 64-John Ross[10]; 9. 67-Sawyer Swatek[6]; 10. 40-Colton Kramer[7]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 35X-Phillip Dunbar[2]; 2. 22C-Michael Johnson[4]; 3. 37-Michael Wytaske[3]; 4. RED1-Dan Wheeler[8]; 5. 30-Scott Demmer[9]; 6. 88-Brady Boland[6]; 7. 28-Ryan Thorsten[1]; 8. 11J-Jacob Lynch[7]; 9. 97-Leigh Volkman[5]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 25-Joe Chisholm[6]; 2. 20J-Brandon Maitland[1]; 3. 72-Alex Schubbe[7]; 4. 45-Cole Lonergan[4]; 5. 3A-Taylor Ausrud[5]; 6. 83-Braeden Allen[2]; 7. 2C-Cole Bennerotte[3]; 8. 155-Gavin Shaw[8]; 9. 13-Jesse Antiporek[9]

Heat 4 (8 Laps): 1. 95X-Shaun Walski[4]; 2. 32-Taylor Skauge[5]; 3. 54-Jett Sorensen[7]; 4. 77-Colton Weigel[9]; 5. 21-Rian Leichtnam[1]; 6. (DNF) 07-Alex Williamson[8]; 7. (DNF) 55-Brody Shaw[3]; 8. (DNS) 36-Devin Losee; 9. (DQ) 29-Lilli Reps[6]

Heat 5 (8 Laps): 1. 83R-Kullen Kath[2]; 2. 53-Tianna Mithun[1]; 3. 20S-Kevin Johnson[6]; 4. 14M-Brian Mahlstedt[3]; 5. 87H-Harley Dais[5]; 6. 35-Dennis Dunbar[8]; 7. 7M-Matt Tighe[9]; 8. 28J-Jackson Hale[7]; 9. (DNF) 33-Corbin Ludemann[4]

Heat 6 (8 Laps): 1. 16D-Dan Hovden[1]; 2. 99-Noah Grinstead[5]; 3. 02K-Hunter Kennedy[3]; 4. 60-Colby Mann[2]; 5. 24-Dylan Goettl[8]; 6. 85-Ben Moudry[6]; 7. 23K-Erik Kanz[4]; 8. 7-Adam Rogich[7]; 9. (DNF) 97JR-Landon Volkman[9]

USRA Stock Cars

A Feature 1 (20 Laps): 1. 1G-Pat Graham[4]; 2. 14A-Blake Adams[5]; 3. 24-Josh Zieman[16]; 4. 15-Mitch Hovden[8]; 5. 22R-Todd Reitzler[3]; 6. 67-Kyle Falck[12]; 7. 27-Shawn Peter[1]; 8. 25-Dan Jones[9]; 9. 11-Jake Lampert[11]; 10. 14A-Chris Adams[10]; 11. 23-Brayden Gjere[7]; 12. 11X-Jesse Brown[15]; 13. 33-Kevin Donlan[23]; 14. 93-Hunter Longnecker[17]; 15. 55-Derek Dettmann[13]; 16. 02-Cole Denner[26]; 17. 47-Brayton Boyer[14]; 18. 67-Levi Schott[24]; 19. 22-Ryan Jacobsen[18]; 20. 21-Andrew Borchardt[19]; 21. 7X-Andrew Eischens[25]; 22. 28-David Gustafson[22]; 23. (DNF) 24KR-Kyle Roose[20]; 24. (DNF) 94-Steve Meyer[21]; 25. (DNF) 55H-Troy Hansmeier[2]; 26. (DNF) 87-Travis Shipman[6]

Heat 1 (8 Laps): 1. 23-Brayden Gjere[2]; 2. 27-Shawn Peter[1]; 3. 25-Dan Jones[3]; 4. 22R-Todd Reitzler[7]; 5. 67-Kyle Falck[9]; 6. 24-Josh Zieman[8]; 7. 94-Steve Meyer[5]; 8. 33-Kevin Donlan[6]; 9. 7X-Andrew Eischens[4]

Heat 2 (8 Laps): 1. 87-Travis Shipman[2]; 2. 55H-Troy Hansmeier[1]; 3. 14A-Chris Adams[3]; 4. 11-Jake Lampert[6]; 5. 11X-Jesse Brown[4]; 6. 93-Hunter Longnecker[8]; 7. 21-Andrew Borchardt[9]; 8. 67-Levi Schott[7]; 9. (DNF) 02-Cole Denner[5]

Heat 3 (8 Laps): 1. 1G-Pat Graham[1]; 2. 14A-Blake Adams[7]; 3. 15-Mitch Hovden[5]; 4. 55-Derek Dettmann[3]; 5. 47-Brayton Boyer[2]; 6. 22-Ryan Jacobsen[6]; 7. 24KR-Kyle Roose[8]; 8. 28-David Gustafson[4]

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