Girl Power reigned supreme! Brauer brothers tough to beat!

Girl Power reigned supreme! Brauer brothers tough to beat!

Girl Power reigned supreme! Brauer brothers tough to beat!

Girl power reigned supreme and the Brauer brothers proved once again they tough to beat at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN for the KC Lawn Care Slingshot races. This June 6th race was a warm and muggy one with the wind creating a dusty and slick track for the drivers this week. These young drivers had to think strategically this week if they wanted to be in the top 3. One lesson learned was “Mom, sometimes slower is faster on a slick track,” said by the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt to his mom quoted from one of local B-Mod drivers at Deer Creek Speedway.

When the green flag flew in the pee wee feature, the k34 car of Kolton Brauer took off like a bullet, but turn four turned out to be a slippery slope for many drivers and the young Kolton Brauer was its first victim with an early spinout in turn 4. The restart put the 8T of Toby Kennedy out to an early lead while the 43 of Koby Wagner battled to stay ahead of the k34 car of Brauer, but yet again this slick track took another car. This time it was the 43 car of Wagner who ended up being unable to finish the feature race. That left 3 cars out on the track to finish this race, the 8T of Kennedy, k34 of Brauer, and 411 of Oldefendt. With only 2 laps to go, it looked like the 411 of Oldefendt was gonna clutch the 2nd place spot, but yet again, turn 4 seemed to be too much for this young driver and he went for a spin allowing Kennedy to slip by to clutch 2nd place and the 411 finishing in third. Brauer in the k34 proved once again he is going to be a tough contender in this class taking the checkered flag for his second first place finish on the Button Buck Speedway.

The junior class drivers definitely had to be hot and tired after this 40 minute 12 lap feature. The newcomer to the Button Buck Speedway was the 79 car of Wyatt Hanson who jumped out to an early lead. The 7p car of Jacob Peterson in second, the 34jr car of Braden Brauer in third, and the 25 car of Joe Chisholm on the outside in fourth. Inside third row was the 77 of Hunter Kennedy with the 28jr car of Devin Born on the outside. The 20 car of Gage Motl started in 7th with the 12 car of Ayden Howard in 8th. This was a messy one folks, so pay attention! Caution after caution caused plenty of position changes in this race from the top spot to the 8th with many cars getting tangled up or heading off the track. The first collision was in lap 2 and it was downhill from there. Long race short, the first place position belonged to the 79 car of Hanson, the 25 car of Chisholm, and finally the 34jr car of Brauer. Each tried to hold onto the top slot with only Brauer being able to clench the checkered. Peterson in the 7p car and the 79 car of Howard had to pull out of this race after having damage to their cars following one of the several collisions. Kennedy moved himself up into the 2nd place spot only to give it up to the 20 of Motl who had slowly moved himself up from 7th to 3rd.  The 28jr of Born and the 12 car of Howard battled over the 5th and 6th place spots, while the 77 of Kennedy fought hard to finish ahead of the 25 car of Chisholm in the final few laps. Patience was the name of the game in this race when these junior drivers finally realized that if you wanted to stay on this track, you needed to slow down! With 6 cars out of 8 left for the final few laps and with dust flying, it was a green, white, checkered finish with the 34jr of Brauer taking the checkered flag, the 20 car of Motl in 2nd, and the 77 car of Kennedy to wrap up the top 3. The 25 car of Chisholm finished 4th, followed by the 12 car of Howard in 5th, and the 28jr car of Devin Born finishing 6th. This race was a wild one to say the least!

Thankfully the senior slingshots had this slippery track pretty well figured out after having plenty of time to watch the juniors feature race. The 18R car of Evan Reyna was your race starter this week with the 44 car of Karlie Wagner next to him on the outside. The 60 car of Colby Mann was on the inside of the second row with the 24 car of Jim Chisholm starting out in 4th. Third row inside was the 53 car of Tianna Mithun with the 4W of Tucker Willams on the outside in 6th. Well, this track wasn’t any nicer to these seniors, as the 18R of Reyna was the first to being out the caution flag in this 18 lap race. This now put the 44 car of Wagner up in front where she quickly pulled away from the pack. The 53 car of Tianna Mithun waited and watched for her openings and was able to slide into 2nd place. The two girls of Wagner and Mithun showed these boys was girl power is all about as they led them all the way to the checkered flag with the 44 car of Wagner in first, and the 53 car of Mithun finishing in 2nd. The boys didn’t let up and the battle ensued between the 60 car of Mann and the 4W car of Williams, and the 24 car of Chisholm. Smooth and steady was the name of the game with these senior drivers and in the end, Chisholm was able to clutch the 3rd place position over Mann who finished in 4th, while the 4W of Williams came in 5th. The 18R of Reyna had to pull off the track with a broken chain and wasn’t able to finish.

Heat race winners this week included the 8T of Toby Kennedy and the k34 of Kolton Brauer in the pee wee class. The 79 of Wyatt Hanson, the 34jr of Braden Brauer, the 7p of Jordan Peterson, and the 25 car of Joe Chisholm. The senior heat winner was the 60 car of Colby Mann.

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