Full house for Tasseldega Nights, grows the racing family as they support one of their own.

Full house for Tasseldega Nights, grows the racing family as they support one of their own.

Spring Valley, MN

July 17th, 2021: Eric Thronson

Something Special happens when a racing family has one of their own get knocked down. They rally around that family member, support them, help them, help their children and even help out with an extra race engine when they can. The Motto of, “we’re a family” was never shining brighter, when Saturday at intermission, over 30 drivers “passed their helmets through the stands, to collect donations”, as Schatney Sanders is trying to heal from a serious injury which occurred weeks before due to equipment failure. Thank you to each and every one of you who made this possible. May the family always carry on!


NAPA Auto Care Center, USRA Modifieds: 20 mods checked into Deer Creek, to race in front of a grandstand full of the faithful races fans and many who were attending their first night at a dirt track, courtesy of the Southeast MN County Corn Growers Association. Following heat races wins separated by thousands of a second, the feature proved to be a runaway. David Baxter, in the 35B, powered by their own Baxter Engine power, took the lead after lap two and never looked back on his way to Tralo victory lane. David’s comment, “I had so much racing here last weekend, I had to come back, and this was great for the fans”.  However, the driving exhibition put on by Jason Cummins (2nd) in that familiar #71, Mitch Madery (3rd) in the 98M, AJ Hoff (5th) in the 55H, Cory Crapser in the 07 and JT Wasmund in the 51W was fun to watch. However, the HARD CHARGER award gets shared this week between Brandon Davis- 50III (13th-4th) & Kevin Stoa- 98 (16th – 7th). Another fantastic night of fast, close racing at, “The Creek”.


Adams Graphix WISSOTA Street Stocks: 15 drivers checked in for a shot at Tralo Victory lane again.  The heats were two and three wide, but it was only a taste of the feature to come.  From the green to lap 8 was three wide and bumper to bumper for the top six, the 14 of Russel Kostreba was rolling towards to the front when he got sideways bringing out the caution. D1 of Dustin Doughty, was quietly making his way through the field from his 8th place start and took the lead after the second caution. Braden Brauer, from 5th to 2nd in the 34JR. The 15 of Zach Elward from 6th to 3rd but the HARD CHARGER goes to #14 Russel Kostreba as he drove it like he stole it, from last after lap 4 to finish 4th, Kory Adams from 7th to 5th. D1 of Dustin Doughty didn’t give up as Brauer was casting his shadow on the D1 lap after lap until the checkered flag flew and Dustin Parked it in Tralo Victory lane.


WISSOTA Super Stocks: 10 Super Stocks enjoyed a fast-smooth track Saturday night. Ryan Wiome shot to the lead from the 17K of Ryan Kostreba out of turn 4 on lap 4 and slowly stretched his lead throughout the feature as the 17W was once again hooked up and smooth as glass. Ryan Wiome had a challenge from the 7E of Eckhart and Spencer Stock with a motor that was offered by Jeff Brauer to help him compete for the points chase.  35 of Dennis Dunbar was fast again, just couldn’t get close to Ryan Wiome as he drove into Tralo Victory Lane for the 5th time in 2021.    


Dirt Doctor Trucking Wissota Midwest Modifieds: 19 Drivers were at the Creek and the feature started off a little rough as track conditions were slick in turn 4 and it led to a caution which eliminated 5 cars from taking the green. 13 drivers restarted; Gavin Olson battled with Don Schaefer through a couple more cautions before settling in for a green flag run to the end. Dangerous Don Schaefer, put his 97X on the high side and drove away until a caution brought the field back together and Mitch Weiss looked to have something for Don and was on the back bumper with Ryan Goergen & Scott Simmons locked in to the end. Don Schaefer earned the trip to Tralo Victory Lane. 


USRA B Mods:  27 USRA B-mods rolled onto Deer Creek for the feature and the battle was on for 18 laps on a tacky, smooth and wide surface that provided for a blitzing pace. The top 8 drivers were led to the green by the 6 of Dustin Kruse who has been faster and faster each weekend this season. Dustin held the lead for nearly the first half of the race, followed by the battle of Troy, as Troy hale in the 28h and Troy Hovey in the 476 battle early. #15 of Zach Elward with both the 25 and 24C of Joe and Jim Chisholm respectfully and the 35JR of Garitt Wytaske were all within striking distance. Jim Chisholm was able to make the pass out of turn 4 at the halfway mark as Dustin was strong finishing 2nd in the #6. Zach Elward finished 3rd in the 15, with Osage, Iowa’s Smoke Chisholm finishing 4th in his #25. Tianna Mithun finished 5th in her newly lettered #53. Jim Chisholm pulled into Tralo victory lane to add another to the growing list of feature wins for the young wheelman from Iowa.

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