Eckhart, Boumeester, Queensland & Richards Top Deer Creek Foes

Eckhart, Boumeester, Queensland & Richards Top Deer Creek Foes

Spring Valley, MN (June 25) – By: Todd Narveson:  This week was Pink-Out Night with Join The Journey at Deer Creek Speedway as everyone joined together in the fight against breast cancer. Several fundraisers were held throughout the night to help raise money. There was a silent auction, a live auction, 50/50 ticket sales, t-shirt sales, fan donations, a push up challenge to the feature winners and Greg Jensen even auctioned off one of his race cars and donated some of the money from the sale.

The show was presented by Ag Star Financial Services, Ulven’s Hardware and Join The Journey. A total of 103-cars checked in on a very hot and sultry day. There was also a special appearance by the UMSS Winged Sprint Cars. Thunderstorms were in the forecast and would come into play later in the evening.

20160625-D4X_8399The first main event on the track was the WISSOTA Midwest Modified 18-lap feature. Ryan Goergen came from row two and took the early lead. Goergen was pursued by Garitt Wytaske and Brad Seavers. Jared Boumeester slipped past Casey Trom for fourth and then got by Seavers on lap five for third.

Boumeester continued his drive towards the front when he passed Wytaske for second and then went after Goergen up front. Goergen held the lead in search of his first ever Deer Creek win but it was not meant to be. Smoke appeared from Goergen’s machine with two laps left in the race. Try as he might his car slowly lost power on the final lap.

Boumeester made the pass in turn four for his second win of the season. Goergen limped to a second place finish with Wytaske in third. Robbie Franklin rallied from tenth to end up fourth and Jason Born scored a top five finish. Boumeester accepted the Pink Push Up Challenge and reeled off 22-pushups that were worth $21 a piece for Join The Journey.

THE KIK Graphics & Priinting Street Stocks got off to a wild start with a four car scramble on the front stretch that eliminated point leader Mike Blowers. Bernie Adams took the lead with his son20160625-D4X_8440 Kory close behind. Durand Peterson and Noah Grinstead raced side by side for third. Bernie Adams slid high and allowed Kory Adams, Peterson and Danny Richards to slip past.

The top three ran in close formation and Richards stole second on lap five. Richards then pulled even with Kory Adams for the lead one lap later. Richards made his move on lap eight and took over the point. Richards would extend his lead and left the field to battle it out behind him. Peterson took second and Nick Schwebach moved to third as Troy Voth challenged Kory Adams for fourth.

Richards led the rest of the way for his first win and then did 10-push-ups in victory lane. Peterson ended up in second with Schwebach in third. Voth ended up in the fourth spot and Adams rouned out the top five.

20160625-D4X_8250Sixteen UMSS Sprint Cars took the green flag for their 25-lap feature. Tony Norem would rocket to the lead with Derrik Lusk in second. A caution on lap five would keep the field tight. Norem took off at the drop of the green flag and the leaders quickly entered lapped traffic on lap eight. Norem was flying around the top and attempted to pass a lapped car going into turn three.

Norem ran out of room and jumped the right rear tire of the lapped car. That sent Norem to a violent ride over the turn three wall and into the billboards outside the track. The impact broke the billboard but fortunately Norem walked away uninjured. After a lengthy red flag period to clean up the wreck the race resumed.

Lusk took over the lead and was challenged by Ryan Bowers on a couple of occasions. Lusk held on despite a couple more yellow flag periods to score the win worth $2000. Cody Hahn finished in third with Hoey Ogston and dean Brown in the top five. Lusk ripped off 20 push-ups in victory lane after his first UMSS win.

While thunderstorms approached the area, out came the Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mods for their feature run. This race was a caution filled affair 20160625-D3S_4991and the race never developed any sort of rhythm at all. Kylie Kath led early while Cody Ahrendt hung with him. Cole Queensland quickly moved to third and challenged the leaders.

Through all the yellows, Queensland got to second and then got the lead on lap three. The race made to lap 12 when the fifth caution under green flag conditions came out. That put the tracks five-five rule in effect and five laps were dropped. That set up a green, white, checkered finish to decide things.

Queensland led the final two laps for his third win of the season. Despite the marathon race, Queensland performed 30 push-ups on victory lane and the crowd cheered him on. Kath finished in second with Ahrendt third, Jim Chisholm raced from 14th to fourth and Alex Williamson was fifth.

20160625-D4X_8597Storms were on the doorstep of the speedway when the Olympic Fire Protection WISSOTA Super Stocks entered the speedway. Neil Eckhart took the lead from A.J. Hoff on lap one and took off. Eckhart would remain in control for the entire 20-lap race. Tommy Richards would make things interesting in the late stages of the race however.

Eckhart was up to the challenge and won his second feature of the season. Eckhart then did 20 push-ups much to the delight of the fans. Tommy Richards finished second with Jeff Brauer in third, Danny Richards was fourth and Hoff finished fifth.

The lightning was really intense all around the speedway when the NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modifieds were staged for their 25-lap feature. Joish Angst took the lead while Jason Cummins chased him while Marl Motl and Bead Waits ran for third. Brandon Davis drove from row five and got up to third on lap five. At that time the skies let loose and an intense downpour ensued which sent the crowd running for cover and put a halt to the race. It will be picked up where the race was stopped next Saturday, July 2.


Feature—Cole Queensland, Kylie Kath, Cody Ahrendt, Jim Chisholm, Alex Williamson, Shaun Walski, Brandon Hare, Dustin Kruse, Zach Brom, Jackson Hale, Derek Clement, Kadden Kath, Scott Demmer, Tanner Johnston, Jerry Young, Cole Lonergan, Jayden Larson, AJ Johnston, Casey Struckman, Dylan Apenhorst, Taylor Ausrud, Nick Wagner, Kenny Boge Jr., Jett Sorensen, Lyndon Johnson, David Pitz, Brad Quirk

First Heat—Walski, Kylie Kath, Demmer, Williamson, Pitz, Kadden Kath, Larson, Wagner, Quirk

Second Heat—Queensland, Hare, Ahrendt, Kruse, Chisholm, Boge Jr., Ausrud, Young, Apenhorst

Third Heat—Clement, Hale, Johnson, T. Johnston, Brom, Sorensen, A. Johnston, Lonergan, Struckman

USRA Modified

Feature—Rained Out (will be made up on July 2)

First Heat—Brad Waits, Josh Angst, Darwyn Karau, Tammy Soma-Clark, Greg Jensen, Alex Hanson, Chris Loberg

Second Heat—Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Alan Wagner, Mark Motl, Joel Alberts, Bill Clemens, Kevin Stoa

Third Heat—Jake Timm, Dustin Sorensen, Jacob Dahle, Brandon Davis, Joe Ludemann, Joe Horgdal, Brian Albrecht

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Feature—Jared Boumeester, Ryan Goergen, Garitt Wytaske, Robbie Franklin, Jason Born, Casey Trom, Brad Seavers, Bonnie Jablonske, Tammy Soma-Clark, Brad Minske, Ron Jablonske, Tianna Mithun

First Heat—Wytaske, Trom, B. Jablonske, R. Jablonske, Mithun, Minske

Second Heat—Boumeester, Goergen, Seavers, Born, Franklin, Soma-Clark

WISSOTA Street Stock

Feature—Danny Richards, Durand Peterson, Nick Schwebach, Troy Voth, Kory Adams, Bernie Adams, Noah Grinstead, Blake Adams, Ryan Jacobsenm Mike Chisholm, Kyle King, Zach Elward, Fred Prudoehl, Brent Holland, JR Jones, Logan Peterson, Mike Blowers

First Heat—Blowers, King, Richards, K. Adams, Schwebach, Jacobsen, Elward, Prudoehl, Peterson

Second Heat—Peterson, GRinstead, Voth, Bernie Adams, Chisholm, Blake Adams, Holland, Jones

WISSOTA Super Stock

Feature—Neil Eckhart, Tommy Richards, Jeff Brauer, Danny Richards, AJ Hoff, Dave Solum, Kevin Hager, Jon Jensen, Harland Morehart

Heat—Brauer, Eckhart, D. Richards, Hoff, Hager, T. Richards, Solum, Jensen, Morehart

UMSS Sprint Cars

Feature—Derrik Lusk, Ryan Bowers, Cody Hahn, Jamey Ogston, Dean Brown, Chris Graf,. Jeff Pellersels, Brandon Halverson, Leigh Thomas, Anna Hippe, Reed Allex. Bob McVitty, Jerry Richert Jr., Russ Hall, Roger McVitty, Tony Norem

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