Dollansky Outpaces Hard-Charging Schatz for Thrilling Victory at The Creek

Dollansky Outpaces Hard-Charging Schatz for Thrilling Victory at The Creek

SPRING VALLEY, MN – September 15, 2012: (Photo courtsey of Gulbranson Photo)  The Annual FVP Clash at the Creek World of Outlaw Sprint Car show is in the books. A great field of cars and an almost capacity crowd were on hand to witness one the of the best sprint car feature events in history.

Kerry Madsen led preliminary qualifying with an 11.884 second lap around the high bank 3/8 mile speedplant with Joey Saldana just a couple ticks behind. Chad Kemenah picked up the win in the Pole Dash and heat race #2 while Dusty Zomer and Brian Brown picked up the other heat race wins. Kemenah jumped out front for the early lead in the feature event on the third restart. Craig Dollansky jumped into second early then took the lead with an early slider in turn four. With five circuits completed Joey Saldana took the fourth spot away from Kerry Madsen. Kemenah moved lower on the track and chased down Dollansky as they raced side by side on lap seven. Kraig Kinser and Madsen battled for the fifth spot on lap eight as Cody Darrah brought out the red flag for a flip in turn two. On the restart Dollansky led while Saldana sat in third behind Jac Haudenschild. With ten down Haudenschild and Saldana swapped spots with slides at each end of the track as Saldana took over the second spot. Kinser and Kemenah continued their battle for fourth with twelve down. Kemenah took control of the spot while Kinser and Madsen raced for fifth now. With twenty two laps in the book Donny Schatz had moved up from his seventeenth starting spot to take away fifth from Kinser. On lap twenty three Saldana was pressuring Haudenschild for second again after losing the position two laps earlier in lap traffic. Saldana took over the spot on lap twenty five with Schatz following through into the third spot. Schatz moved past Saldana on lap thirty and set sail for the leader. As they crossed the white flag Dollansky and Schatz were side by side for the lead as the crowd rose to their feet for the last lap. Schatz ran low while Dollansky remained on the top shelf. Entering turn three to the checkers Dollansky moved to the bottom of the track and exited turn four with the lead and the win ahead of Schatz.

Darin Toot led out of turn two on the start of the USRA Stock Car feature with Danny Cole taking the lead at the completion of lap one. Tom Schmidt sat in third as the front pack of six cars pulled away from the field. Those top six had a great race early on with all six cars fitting under a blanket. Cole kept the lead at the line but by lap ten they were racing four wide for the lead coming down the back chute. Lynn Panos and Cole were side by side for the lead on lap thirteen with Panos leading lap fourteen. Steve Jackson sat in third and took over second on lap fifteen. Jackson moved past Panos on lap eighteen. Jackson came home with the win during a very exciting feature event with Panos, Cole, Schmidt and Kyle Falck rounding out the top five.

WoO Sprint Cars

Feature – Craig Dollansky, Donny Schatz, Joey Saldana, Jac Haudenschild, Chad Kemenah, Kraig Kinser, Kerry Madsen, Jason Sides, Sammy Swindell, Lucas Wolfe, Steve Kinser, Dusty Zomer, Brooke Tatnell, Mark Dobmeier, David Heskin, Justin Henderson, Ian Madsen, Terry McCarl, Jody Rosenboom, Skylar Prochaska, Matt Wasmund, Cody Darrah, Brian Brown, Bill Rose

Dash – Kemenah, Zomer, Dollansky, Haudenschild, K. Madsen, Saldana, McCarl, Swindell, K. Kinser, Brown

B-Feature – Henderson, Tatnell, Prochaska, Rose, I. Madsen, Wasmund, Rob Kubli, Ryan Wilson, Kaley Gharst, Robert Bell

Heat 1 – Zomer, Haudenschild, K. Madsen, Swindell, Heskin, Henderson, Wasmund, Gharst, Bell

Heat 2 – Kemenah, Saldana, Darrah, Schatz, Dollansky, Rosenboom, Tatnell, Rose, Kubli

Heat 3 – Brown, McCarl, Sides, K. Kinser, Dobmeier, S. Kinser, Prochaska, I. Madsen, Wilson

Qualifying – K. Madsen 11.884, Saldana 11.920, K. Kinser 11.920, Swindell 11.939, Dollansky 11.998, McCarl 12.004, Zomer 12.010, Kemenah 12.040, Brown 12.062, Haudenschild 12.065, Darrah 12.068, Sides 12.160, Wolfe 12.183, Tatnell 12.211, S. Kinser 12.271, Heskin 12.289, Schatz 12.304, Dobmeier 12.319, Henderson 12.321, Rose 12.323, Prochaska 12.383, Gharst 12.398, Rosenboom 12.420, I. Madsen 12.473, Wasmund 12.835, Kubli 12.910, Wilson 12.954, Bell 13.113


USRA Stock Cars – Ironman Series

Feature – Steve Jackson, Lynn Panos, Danny Cole, Tom Schmidt, Kyle Falck, Darin Toot, Danny Sacquitine, Shawn Peter, Arlen Hoy, Derek Dettman, Malcom Teachout, Matt Jones, Jake Ludeking, Ryan Goergen, Jake Lampert, Casey Sebastian, Mike Bergan, Kevin Donlan, Darrin Korthals, Mike Mauer, Rich Gregoire, Tory Recke

Heat 1 – Sacquitine, Korthals, Toot, Mauer, Ludeking, Teachout, Bergan, Lampert

Heat 2 – Cole, jones, Panos, Goergen, Peter, Dettman, Gregoire

Heat 3 – Falck, Schmidt, Jackson, Donlan, Hoy, Sebastian, Recke

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