Cummins Back on Top, Over Raised $8,000 for Breast Cancer on Pink Out Night

Cummins Back on Top, Over Raised $8,000 for Breast Cancer on Pink Out Night

SPRING VALLEY, MN – June 27, 2015:  (Photos courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  A perfect night for racing action and cancer awareness on this late June evening. With a lot of activities going on for the pink out night at the speedway the racing action on the track was hot. With silent auctions, driver autographed flag, feature winner pushups, pass the hats and other fund raising activities Deer Creek Speedway and its fans and drivers were able to raise over $8,000 for Join the Journey. Join the Journey is a group actively involved in Breast Cancer Awareness. Other additional contributions from shirt sales and donations should bring the evenings activities close to the $9,000.

Jared Boumeester took the early lead after a three wide battle for the lead on the opening lap. Boumeester took the field al20150627-D4X_4649l the way to the checkers while the fans were watching some great racing behind him. Dustin Scott worked into the top five on lap two and many watched him as he worked through the field into the second spot. Josh Crary and Robbie Franklin battled for the third spot for most of the feature with Boumeester taking home the win. Scott, Crary, Franklin and Jason Born rounded out the top five. With 21 businesses donating $1.00 for each pushup that a feature winner completed Boumeester did 21 pushups for the Join the Journey. Heat races were won by Crary and Franklin

During the KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stock feature the KC LawnCare slingshot drivers went through the stands to pass the helmet and collected $626.00 for the Join the Journey group. Zach Elward took off at the drop of the green for the feature event while Mike Blowers and Danny Richards quickly moved up to race for the second spot. Richards took second and pressured Elward for the lead until lap seven when he jumped the cushion allowing Blowers to take over second. Blowers than pressure Elward for the lead and on lap fourteen and took over the top spot. At the finish it was Blowers with the win, Elward, Richards, Kory Adams and Nick Schwebach rounding out the top five. Heat races were won by Adams and Elward. B20150627-D4X_4664lowers was suffering from a pinched nerve so they let James Weber do the pushups for him and he did 34 of them to match the car number.

Andrew Bleess looked poised to take his first feature win early on in the Wagner Trucking USRA B-Modified division. A big crash involving 7 cars happened on the front stretch with AJ Zvorak taking a hard hit to the driver’s side of the car. Luckily out of the seven cars three appeared to have heavy damage with no serious driver injuries. On the restart Kylie Kath took off on the high side and raced with Bleess for the lead while Cole Queensland and Alex Williamson raced for third. Another restart saw Williamson take over the lead with Queensland moving into secon20150627-D4X_4682d. Kath and Queensland continued to battle for second over the last part of the race and they closed up on Williamson up front. Queensland pulled alongside of Williamson with two to go and as the white flew over the field he took the lead and held it to the checkers. Kath, Williamson, Bleess and Brandon Hare rounded out the top five. Parker Hale won the B-Feature with Williamson, Ben Anderson, Zvorak and Kath winning the heat races. Queensland did 20 pushups so match his car number for the fund raising.

 AJ Hoff jumped to the early lead in the Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stock feature event. Neil Eckhart quickly settled into the second spot while front runners Tommy Richards and Jeff 20150627-D4X_4707Brauer worked into the top five just before the half way point.   Richards took over the second spot on lap twelve and with four to go moved past the youngster Hoff to take over the lead. Richards took home the win followed by Hoff, Brauer, Eckhart and Brian Fetting. Heat races were won by Brauer and Dave Solum. Richards not wanting to do pushups donated $50.00 of his winnings to the Join the Journey foundation.

Ryan Bowers jumped out front in the feature for the first ever visit by the UMSS Sprint cars. With a great field of 23 cars on hand Bowers looked strong up front with Jerry Richert Jr. in second spot. The first caution flew on lap seven as Austin Johnson and Lee Grosz got together battling for the fourth spot. Another caution flew on lap eight with Richert Jr. working above Bowers on the restart to take over the top s20150627-D4X_4721pot. Richert Jr. held the lead to the checkers with Bowers on his back door waiting for a mistake. Rick Kobs, Russ Hall and Chris Graf rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Hall, Bowers and Johnson. Challenge Races were won by Grosz and Jared Schneiderman. After the race Richert Jr. mentioned he has two sisters who had battled breast cancer and then proceeded to crank out 31 pushups for Join the Journey.

The NAPA AutoCare USRA modified flew out of turn two three wide for the lead on the opening lap. Jason Cummins took control over Cory Crapser. Brandon Davis was in third early until lap five when Keith Foss worked past on the high side to take the spot. Crapser gained back on Cummins and while racing for the lead Foss caught the duo to make it a three car battle for the win. Cummins stayed strong up front with Foss now in second and knocking on the door. Davis moved past Crapser on lap fifteen. The last five laps had everyone leaning in their seats as Cummins and Foss worked through lapped traffic battling for the win. At the line Cummins took home the win by half a car length with Foss, Davis, Cra20150627-D4X_4738pser and Jacob Bleess rounding out the top five. Heat races were won by Foss, Cummins, and Dustin Scott. What a great race to top off the night and Cummins topped the rest of the drivers dropping down and pumping out 50 pushups in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness.

Racing action resumes next Saturday with action in all five classes starting at 6:00. After the races fans and drivers can hang around for a huge fireworks show to celebrate the 4th of July.

Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Jared Boumeester, Dustin Scott, Josh Crary, Robby Franklin, Jason Born, Casey Trom, Ryan Goergen, Brayten Cisneros, Tammy Soma Clark, Ron Jablonske, James Patzner, Patrick McCarthy, Garitt Wytaske, Jake Stark, Bonnie Jablonske

Heat 1- Crary, Boumeester, Scott, Born, R. Jablonske, Stark, Soma Clark, McCarthy

Heat 2- Franklin, Trom, Wytaske, Cisneros, Patzner, B. Jablonske, Goergen

KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Mike Blowers, Zach Elward, Danny Richards, Kory Adams, Nick Schwebach, Troy Voth, Bernie Adams, Brent Holland, Karl Hewitt Jr., Derek Ludington, Fred Prudoehl, Keith Weber, Brandon Vogt

Heat 1 – K. Adams, Richards, Hewitt Jr., Schwebach, Ludington, Voth, Weber

Heat 2 – Elward, Blowers, Holland, Prudoehl, Vogt, B. Adams

Wagner Trucking USRA B-Modifieds

Feature – Cole Queensland, Kylie Kath, Alex Williamson, Andrew Bleess, Brandon Hare, Erik Kanz, Ben Anderson, Trevor Fecht, Scott Demmer, David Pitz, Chad Roseendahl, Jayden Larson, JT Wasmund, Tanner Johnston, Parker Hale, AJ Johnston, Kenny Boge Jr., Kadden Kath, Nick Wagner, AJ Zvorak, Blake Arndt, Daniel Christopher, Derek Clement, Dustin Kruse

B-Feature – Hale, Roseendahl, Ka. Kath, Boge Jr., Cale Slawson, Mike Chisholm, Elizabeth Loberg, Taylor Ausrud, Chris Bruns, Russ Quinnell

Heat 1 – Williamson, Pitz, Kruse, AJ Johnston, Clement, Hale, Roseendahl, Loberg

Heat 2 – Anderson, Hare, Wagner, Arndt, Christopher, Boge Jr., Slawson, Chisholm

Heat 3 – Zvorak, Kanz, Bleess, T. Johnston, Demmer, Quinnell, Bruns

Heat 4 – Ky. Kath, Queensland, Fecht, Larson, Wasmund, Ka. Kath, Ausrud

Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature – Tommy Richards, AJ Hoff, Jeff Brauer, Neil Eckhart, Brian Fetting, Rick Lisowski, Kevin Hager, Dave Solum, Josh Bartel, Harlan Morehart, David Miller

Heat 1 – Brauer, Richards, Eckhart, Lisowski, Morehart, Bartel

Heat 2 – Colum, Fetting, Hager, Hoff, Miller

Upper Midwest Sprint Series

Feature – Jerry Richert JR., Ryan Bowers, Rick Kobs, Russ Hall, Chris Graf, Ryan Jamison, Matt Wasmund, Anna Kouba, Jarrod Schneiderman, Leigh Thomas, Jared Goerges, Mark Toews, Jamey Ogston, Cody Hahn, Joseph Kouba, Jeff Pellersels, Dean Brown, Reed Allex, Chad Patterson, Jake Lempelius, Lee Grosz, Austin Johnson, Tony Kaus

Heat 1 – Hall, Kobs, Graf, Toews, J. Kouba, A. Kouba, Ogston, Kaus

Heat 2 – Bowers, Goerges, Wasmund, Grosz, Schneiderman, Thomas, Pellersels, Lempelius

Heat 3 – Johnson, Hahn, Richert JR., Jamison, Allex, Brown, Patterson

Challenge Race 1 – Grosz, Richert Jr., Hall, Thomas, Georges, Graf, Johnson, Ogston, J. Kouba, Lempelius, Allex, Kaus

Challenge Race 2 – Schneiderman, A. Kouba, Bowers, Jamison, Kobs, Wasmund, Hahn, Toews, Pellersels, Brown, Patterson

NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds

Feature – Jason Cummins, Keith Foss, Brandon Davis, Cory Crapser, Jacob Bleess, Jake Timm, Dustin Scott, Nate Wasmund, Brad Waits, Josh Angst, Les Duellman, Jacob Dahle, Joe Horgdal, Alan Wagner, Darwyn Karau, Joe Ludemann, Dustin Sorensen, Joel Alberts, Greg Jensen

Heat 1 – Foss, Waits, Bleess, Dahle, Sorensen, Wagner, Jensen

Heat 2 – Cummins, Crapser, Davis, Angst, Horgdal, Ludemann

Heat 3 – Scott, Timm, Wasmund, Duellman, Karau, Alberts

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