Chisholm Collects First USRA B-Mod Feature Win

Chisholm Collects First USRA B-Mod Feature Win

Spring Valley MN – August 27, 2016:  The season quickly came to an end tonight with the Season Championship at the speedway. After being plagued by rainouts throughout the season and cool, cloudy evening greeted the fans with almost perfect track conditions. Racing action was presented by Vestas, Ag Power and Ag Star Financial for the evening.

Tammy Soma Clark jumped out front at the start of the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds with Casey Trom moving quickly into second. With Two down Trom took over the top spot with Billy Steinberg and Jared Boumeester battling for second. Trom looked strong up front until Boumeester started to reel her in and on lap nine took over the top spot. Nick Koehler and Robbie Franklin battled through the pack to take over the second and third spots late in the race. At the finish it was Boumeester with the win, Koehler, Franklin, Trom and Steinberg rounded out the top five. Robbie Franklin took home the championship with Ryan Goergen, Garitt Wytaske, Casey Trom and Don Schaefer rounding out the top five in the final standings. 54 WISSSOTA Midwest modifieds raced at the speedway this year.

The KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks took a couple tries before getting the race going on the night. Noah Grinstead jumped out front early with Kyle King and Travis Krause battling for the second spot early on. By lap three the top five were in a tight battle. Lap seven saw Krause and Grinstead battling for the top spot while Mike Blowers came up to challenge them. Nine down and Blowers took over the top spot and ran home with the win. Grinstead, Danny Richards, Blake Adams and Ryan Jacobsen rounded out the top five after starting thirteenth on the field. Blowers took home the track championship for the fifth time over Richards, Schwebach, Kory Adams and King. 29 WISSOTA Street Stocks raced at the speedway in 2016.

Bill Stettner led early in the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA USRA B-Modifieds with Jeff Brauer in second and Jim Chisholm in third. Behind him Cole Queensland, Kadden Kath and Cole Denner were three wide for the fourth spot. With four complete Chisholm made a strong move and jumped into the top spot. Four laps later Queensland moved into the second spot but Chisholm was out to a three-quarter straight lead. Trevor Fecht was on a terror as he worked into the third spot on lap twelve after starting fifteenth on the field. A late race caution bunched the field up behind Chisholm for a green/white/checker dash but Chisholm was not to be denied on the night and the 13 year old took home his first feature win of the season and of his young career. Queensland, Fecht, Stettner and Jeff Brauer rounded out the top five. Cole Queesland took home the championship over Alex Williamson, Chisholm, Brandon Hare and Dustin Kruse. 87 USRA B-modifieds checked into the speedway over the season to test the highly competitive waters in the class.

Kevin Hager blasted out front in the Olympic Fire WISSOTA Super Stock feature event with a three wide race for the third spot. With three down Danny Richards hooked up on the high side and blasted around into second. With four down D. Richards, Hager and Tommy Richards were three wide for the lead. Tommy Richards took the spot with Danny hanging close until lap twelve when Jeff Brauer caught up and moved past him for the second spot. At the finish it was Tommy Richards with the win, followed by Brauer, Danny Richards, Hager and Neil Eckhart. Brauer took home the track title ahead of Tommy Richards, Eckhart, Hager and Jon Jensen in the top five. 23 WISSOTA Super Stocks tested the track in the 2016 season.

Keith Foss and Jake Timm led the field to the green in the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds with Timm taking over the top spot on lap two. Nate Wasmund and Adam Hensel sat in the top five early. Jason Cummins moved into the top five on lap nine and quickly moved into the third spot but Wasmund wasn’t going to let him have it easy and moved back into third the next lap. Timm started to pull away on lap twelve while Wasmund and Foss battled for the second spot. Lucas Schott moved into fourth on lap sixteen after starting in the fifteenth spot. With twenty down the leaders started to work lapped traffic with the top three running nose to tail through the back markers. At the finish it was Timm with his first win in the USRA Modifieds at the speedway. Foss, Wasmund, Schott and Josh Angst rounded out the top five at the finish. Josh Angst came home with the championship ahead of Jason Cummins Brandon Davis, Jake Timm and Lucas Schott. 63 USRA modifieds checked into the speedway during the 2016 racing season.

Next up for the speedway is the annual Labor Day Duel featuring the USMTS modifieds, Iron Man B-Mods and Stock Cars along with the WISSOTA Street Stocks and Midwest Modifieds on Saturday Septemeber 3

Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Modifieds
Feature – Jim Chisholm, Cole Queensland, Trevor Fecht, Bill Stettner, Jeff Brauer, Kadden Kath, Dustin Kruse, Kaleb Lienhard, Cole Denner, Taylor Skaage, Jerry Young, Alex Williamson, Derek Clement, Blake Arndt, Shaun Walski, Thor Anderson, Kyle Anderson, Jayden Larson, Brandon Hare, Scott Demmer, Zach Brom, Mitch Van Engen, Tanner Johnston, Cole Lonergan, Nick Wagner, Kenny Boge Jr.
B- Feature 1 – K. Anderson, Larson, T. Anderson, Mason Schwake, Jeremiah Christienson, Jett Sorensen, Colby Mann, Brayton Boyer, Matt Grant, Shane Yohe
B Feature 2 – Hare, Van Engen, Lonergan, Taylor Ausrud, AJ Johnston, Cole Christensen, Channing Warner, Russ Quinnell, Darin Noyes, JT Wasmund
Heat 1 – Queensland, Clement, Brom, Wagner, K. Anderson, Hare, Sorensen, Noyes, Wasmund
Heat 2 – T .Johnston, Stettner, Skaage, Boge Jr., Van Engen, T. Anderson, Warner, Quinnell
Heat 3 – Chisholm, Brauer, Young, Williamson, Larson, Ausrud, Grant, J. Christenson
Heat 4 – Denner, Kath, Walski, Arndt, Lonergan, Mann, C. Christensen, Boyer
Heat 5 – Kruse, Lienhard, Fecht, Demmer, Schwake, AJ. Johnston, Yohe

KIK Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks
Feature – Mike Blowers, Noah Grinstead, Danny Richards, Blake Adams, Ryan Jacobsen, Nick Schwebach, Kyle King, Fred Prudoehl, Jason Newkirk, Mike Chisholm, Durand Peterson, Bernie Adams, Zach Elward, Brent Holland, JR Jones, Greg Lammers, Tracey Beebe, Kory Adams, Travis Krause, Danny Hanson, Troy Voth
Heat 1 – Blowers, Richards, Peterson, Prudoehl, Jacobsen, Lammers, Beebe
Heat 2 – King, K. Adams, Bl. Adams, Schwebach, Newkirk, Holland, Jones
Heat 3 – Krause, Grinstead, Hanson, Chisholm, Both, B. Adams, Elward

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Feature – Jared Boumeester, Nick Koehler, Robbie Franklin, Casey Trom, Bill Steinberg, Ryan Goergen, Garitt Wytaske, Jason Born, Allen Stettner, Tammy Soma Clark, Jeff McDonald, Brad Minske, Tianna Mithun, Bonnie Jablonske, Luke Hainka, Darryl Hainka, Don Schaefer, Tyron Friese, Harlan Morehart, Isaac Clark
Heat 1 – Boumeester, Goergen, Soma Clark, Born, Mithun, Friese, Clark
Heat 2 – Franklin, Trom, Schaefer, Minske, McDonald, Jablonske, L. Hainka
Heat 3 – Koehler, Steinberg, Stettner, D. Hainka, Wytaske, Morehart

Olympic Fire WISSOTA Super Stocks
Feature – Tommy Richards, Jeff Brauer, Danny Richards, Kevin Hager, Neil Eckhart, les Duellman, Aaron Hoff, Dave Solum, Ryan Schaufler, Harlan Morehart, David Miller, Jon Jensen, Derek Sutton
Heat 1 – Brauer, Duellman, Eckhart, Hager, Solum, Morehart, Miller
Heat 2 – T. Richards, D. Richards, Hoff, Jensen, Schaufler, Sutton

NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds
Feature – Jake Timm, Keith Foss, Nate Wasmund, Lucas Schott, Josh Angst, Jason Cummins, Adam Hensel, Keith Tourville, Mark Motl. Levi Nielsen, Joe Horgdal, Joel Alberts, Bob Timm, Alan Wagner, Kevin Stoa, Adam Barlow, Darwyn Karau, Bill Clemens, Tammy Soma Clark, Jake Stark, Greg Jensen, Dwaine Hanson, Joe Ludemann, Owen Grube
Heat 1 – Tourville, Wagner, Alberts, Barlow, Clemens, B. Timm, Karau, Stark
Heat 2 – Hensel, Foss, Nielsen, Motl, Ludemann, Soma Clark, Hanson, Jensen
Heat 3 – Angst, Wasmund, J. Timm, Cummins, Schott, Horgdal, Stoa, Grube

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