Chisholm, Brauer and Jacobs Add One More Win To Their Seasons

Chisholm, Brauer and Jacobs Add One More Win To Their Seasons

Shanna Motl:  The Blake Trucking slingshot races at Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN wrapped up the 2017 season on August 26, 2017. With some of the drivers racing their last race in a slingshot, others are looking forward to moving up a class next year.  The Pee Wee slingshots had the 78J of Tucker Jacobs on pole with the 7C of Curtis Parmenter on the outside.  It was Jacobs who pulled out to an assertive lead on Parmenter this week to take home his 9th feature win of his season. These two have challenged one another each week on the Button Buck, and both drives have proven they are ready to move up into the junior class next year. 

The Junior feature race had the K34 of Kolton Brauer on pole with the 43 of Koby Wagner on the outside.  The 8T of Toby Kennedy started 2nd row inside. On the start, the 43 of Wagner was side by side with the K34 of Brauer for the lead. Brauer moved out ahead on turn 2 where he began to stretch out his lead.  The 8T Kennedy was quickly closed the gap behind the 43 of Wagner looking to make his move into 2nd, but Wagner managed to hold him off and come in 2nd ahead of Kennedy in 3rd.  Brauer managed to bring home one more feature win for his 2017 season. 

The Senior slingshots had the 25 of Joe Chisholm on pole, alongside the 28 jr of Devin Born.  The 20 of Gage Motl stated 2nd row inside with the 77 of Hunter Kennedy on the outside.  Chisholm and Born were neck and neck into turn 1 with Chisholm taking over the lead while Born, Motl, and Kennedy fell into place behind him. With 18 laps ahead of him and the season points in the balance, Chisholm knew he had to run a fast, smooth race to stay out ahead, and that’s just what he did as he crossed the checkered flag to bring home his final 1st place finish in the
last slingshot race of the season.  The 28jr of Born finished 2nd, the 20 of Motl 3rd, and the 77 of Kennedy 4th. 

Heat race winners included the 78J of Tucker Jacobs in the Pee Wee class, the K34 of Kolton Brauer in the junior class, and the 77 of Hunter Kennedy in the Senior class.  That’s a wrap on the 2017 season!

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