Champions to be crowned this week at “The Creek”

Champions to be crowned this week at “The Creek”

Three point battles separated by three points or less, final race to tell the tale.

SPRING VALLEY, MN – August 22, 2013:  (Photo courtesy of Gulbranson Photo)  The tension is mounting as Saturday’s final track points night event approaches.  Never before in the history of the speedway have so many track titles been separated by so few points.

Jacob Bleess made history in 2012 becoming the youngest track champion in the history of Deer Creek Speedway and if all goes as planned for the #21 USRA B-Mod driver he’ll make history again becoming the youngest driver ever to win back to back titles.  Bleess, who has a 33 point lead going into the final night over Cole Queensland, has proven strong in what most considered to be one of the most competitive classes week in and week out.

Mike Prochnow also has a chance to go down in the record books by winning his fourth straight trDCS-Crowdack title, something to date no other driver has been able to do at The Creek.  Mike holds a 20 point lead in the WISSOTA Late Model division over the 01 car driven by Kyle Jumbeck out of Houston, MN.

Dustin Scott out of Rosemount, MN enters the final night as the favorite to win the title in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified division with a 16 point lead over Jared Boumeester.  Scott has been solid all year in his sharp looking #20 car but will need yet another good run to bring home the title.

Brandon Davis has had another monstrous year behind the wheel of his #50iii USRA Modified but it’s scary how close the title fight is.  Davis was in second place going into last week’s event behind Jason Cummins, driver of the #71 car out of New Richland, MN.  Davis and Cummins battled it out for 25 laps but Davis came out on top giving him a three point lead heading into the final night.

The WISSOTA Super Stock division has seen yet another yearlong battle between Jeff Brauer and Kelly Anderson.  These two hot shoes have gone back and forth all year long and find themselves only one point apart with one race to go.  Brauer currently holds the lead but Saturday’s A-Main event will have the fans on the edge of their seats.

The WISSOTA Street Stock division has three drivers in reach of the title.  Danny Richards currently holds a one point lead over Mike Blowers but Shaun Mann could spoil it for both drivers sitting only five points out.  These three drivers will have eighteen laps to set the story straight.

Everyone is invited to the pit area after the event to help celebrate yet another great season.  There  will be FREE music under the tent thanks to Mark & Deana Chisholm and Chisholm Racing.


Event Schedule – Brought to you by Mark & Deana Chisholm and Chisholm Racing

3:00 –  Truck Country Slingshots start on Button Buck Speedway

4:30 –  Kids Club Party!

6:00 – Races start on Deer Creek Speedway featuring all six weekly point classes.

POST RACE PART IN THE PITS!  Everyone is welcome to join.


Deer Creek Speedway is a high-banked three-eighths-mile clay oval located 11.3 miles south of I-90 (exit 209) on SR 16, then 0.7 mile north on US 63. For more information call 507-754-6107 or visit

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