Brauer Now Tied With Timm For All-Time Wins At Deer Creek

Brauer Now Tied With Timm For All-Time Wins At Deer Creek

Spring Valley, MN – August 6, 2016:  A season high 134-cars turned out for the Double Down Challenge at Deer Creek Speedway on Saturday. Drivers in attendance could race for double the normal purse just by paying an extra $50 entry fee. This week’s program also featured a driver recognition program that honored the racers from past decades that brought the sport to where it is today. Fifty-seven former drivers were on hand from the 1950’s through the early 1990’s. They were all introduced to a very appreciative crowd before the racing began.

A massive 29-race program ensued with one new winner and several added to their win totals. Another driver would tie Bob Timm for the all-time win total at the speedway. The event was presented by National Fleet Graphics of Dodge Center and Olympic Fire Protection of Owatonna.

A massive 41-car Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mod field took five heats and two b-mains to get down to a 26-car starting grid for their 18-lap $700 to win feature. Matt Jones led the early laps with Kenny Boge Jr. and Cole Queensland on the chase. Queensland zoomed to second on lap three and Brandon Hare charged past Boge for third on lap six.

Queensland challenged Jones for the lead and took the lead in turn two on the eighth circuit. Hare then moved in on Jones for second and made the pass on lap 12. Dustin Kruse was on the charge from row seven and entered the top five on lap 13.

Queensland rolled to his fifth win of the season and also a clean sweep on the night. Hare finished second with Jones in third. Kruse’s superb run ended up with a fourth place finish and Jim Chisholm was in fifth at the checkered flag.

Eighteen cars took the green flag for the KIK Graphics & Printing WISSOTA Street Stock feature. Zach Elward took the lead at the start, but Mike Blowers quickly moved to second. Blowers stormed to the lead on lap two ehile Kory Adams zipped to second. Nick Schwebach got to third and challenged Adams for second,

Blowers was gone out front while Adams and Schwebach duked it out for second. Danny Richards moved forward from row five and moved into the top five. Richard was flying on the top side and drove to fourth and then got by Schwebach for third on lap 16. Blowers held off a late charge from Adams for his fifth win of the season and his 14-win of the season. Adams came home in second with Richards third. Blake Adams had a late run to fourth and Schwebach was fifth.

A huge field of 33-WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds was whittled down to a 26-car field for their 18-lap main event and it was a dandy. Don Schaefer held the lead with Mitch Weiss and Nick Koehler close behind. Those three would stay close for the entire race and things got real interesting after a lap eight caution.

Koehler jumped up and took the lead in turn two while Schaefer drove in hard to turn three and executed a perfect slide job to steal the lead. Koehler crossed over, went to the bottom of the track and reclaimed the lead in turn one. Weiss also got by Schaefer and Jared Boumeester took third. Weiss gave chase to Koehler when the white flag flew.

Weiss had a slider of his own to take the lead in turn two. Koehler charged to the inside in turn three and threw a wicked slide job on Weiss to retake the lead as they entered turn four. Koehler got to the finish line first for his 14-win of the season. Weiss was a close second with Boumeester third. Eric Lamm had a fourth place finish and Jason Vandekamp came from row five to fifth.

The Olympic Fire Protection WISSOTA Super Stock feature got to a wild start and was another superb race. Schatmey Sanders took the lead but A.J. Hoff threw a slider and took the lead in lap two. Tommy Richards and Jeff Brauer charged towards the front. They stormed to the front and put on a great show for the fans.

Brauer ran the low groove and Richards was in the middle to top of the track on lap six. They ran side-by-side and would exchange the lead seven times before the checkered flag would fall. Late in the race they came up on a slower car and Brauer got held up enough for Richards to take the lead on lap 16.

Brauer charged back and took the lead for the final time and went on for his fourth win of the season. It was also his 51st win at the speedway which now ties him for the all-time feature win total with Bob Timm. Richards finished in second with Sanders in third. Hoff finished in fourth and Danny Richards rounded put the top five.

Alan Wagner led the NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modified feature but caused a caution that sent him to the back. Jacob Bleess took over with Erik Kanz and Brandon Davis in tow. Lucas Schott was on the move and got to fourth on lap two. Schott then challenged Davis and they both got by Kanz.

Bleess continued to lead but a yellow on lap eight would slow things down. Schott got to second on the restart while Josh Angst passed Kanz for fourth. Bleess took off but Schott reeled in the leader on lap 20 and made the pass for the lead. Bleess bounced off of and on top of the wall and kept going. Schott was out front but a yellow on lap 24 set up a green, white, checkered dash to the finish.

Schott held on for his second win of the season at Deer Creek and ninth win overall. Angst had a late race charge to snag second with Davis in third. Bleess ended his run in fourth and Kanz scored a top five finish.

Feature—Cole Queensland, Brandon Hare, Matt Jones, Dustin Kruse, Jim Chisholm, Alex Williamson, Kylie Kath, AJ Zvorak, Miah Christiansen, Cole Denner, Derek Clement, Blake Arndt, Jerry Young, Channing Warner, Kadden Kath, Trevor Fecht, AJ Johnston, Tyler Creeley, Kenny Wytaske, Thor Anderson, Nate Whitehurst, Cole Lonergan, Kenny Boge Jr., JT Wasmund, Nick Wagner, Kyle Anderson

B-Main #1—Clement, Anderson, Wytaske, Bill Stettner, Todd Schaufenbuel, Tanner Johnston, Brayton Boyer, Cole Christiansen, Russ Quinnell, Zach Brom. Shaun Walski
B-Main #2—Young, Wasmund, Kadden Kath, Josh Appel, Christian warner, Steve Quinnell, Anton Nelson, Andrew Bleess, Tyler Tesch, Jayden Larson

First Heat—Whitehurst, Boge Jr., Fecht, Anderson, Clement, Stettner, Nelson, S. Quinnell
Second Heat—Queensland, Williamson, Zvorak, Appel, Tesch, Christian Warner, Boyer
Third Heat—Hare, Kylie Kath, A. Johnston, J. Christiansen, Wytaske, Schaufenbuel, Walski, Bleess
Fourth Heat—Jones, Chisholm, Kruse, Arndt, Young, Wasmund, C. Christiansen, R. Quinnell
Fifth Heat—Channing Warner, Lonergan, Denner, Creeley, Brom, Larson, Kadden Kath, T. Johnston

USRA Modified

Feature—Lucas Schott, Josh Angst, Brandon Davis, Jacob Bleess, Erik Kanz, Jason Cummins, Nate Wasmund, Brian Albrecht, Brad Dierks, Bob Timm, Levi Nielsen, John Doelle, Jake Timm, Joe Horgdal, Jacob Dahle, Kevin Stoa, Alan Wagner, Jim King, Bill Clemens, Dustin Sorensen, Cory Crapser, Brett Bumgardner, Keith Foss, Darwyn Karau, Joe Ludemann, Mark Motl

B-Main #1—Doelle, Foss, Stoa, Ludemann, King, Tammy Soma-Clark, Dwaine Hanson
B-Main #2—Nielsen, Dahle, Clemens, Motl, Bumgardner, Greg Jensen, Jake Stark

First Heat—Dierks, Bleess, Albrecht, B. Timm, Foss, Stoa, Ludemann, Hanson
Second Heat—Kanz, Wagner, Angst, Wasmund, Jensen, Clemens, Stark, Bumgardner
Third Heat—Davis, J. Timm, Cummins, Sorensen, Doelle, King, Soma-Clark
Fourth Heat—Schott, Karau, Crapser, Horgdal, Nielsen, Dahle, Motl

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Feature—Nick Koehler, Mitch Weiss, jared Boumeester, Eric Lamm, Jason Vandekamp, Don Schaefer, Robbie Franklin, Dustin Steinbrink, Michael Wytaske, Jake Smith, Garitt Wytaske, Ryan Goergen, Denny Cutsforth, Ryan Wetzstein, Brad Seavers, Jason Born, Casey Trom, Adam Martinson, Ron Jablonske, Allen Stettner, Brayten Cisneros, Tammy Soma-Clark, Matt Stark, Mike Gibson, Antonio Pintaro, Travis Anderson

B-Main #1—Smith. Wetzstein, Gibson, Cutsforth, Stark, Brad Minske, Bonnie Jablonske, Tyron Friese, Tianna Mithun
B-Main #2—Seavers, Pintaro, Trom, Stettner, R. Jablonske, Jeff McDonald, Isaac Clark, Harland Morehart

First Heat—Boumeester, Anderson, Born, Martinson, Wetzstein, Gibson, Stark, Clark, Friese
Second Heat—Franklin, Koehler, Vandekamp, Goergen, Seavers, Stettner, McDonald, Cutsforth
Third Heat—Weiss, Lamm, G. Wytaske, Cisneros, Smith, Minske, Mithun, B. Jablonske
Fourth Heat—Schaefer, M. Wytaske, Steinbrink, Soma-Clark, Trom, Pintaro, Morehart, R. Jablonske

WISSOTA Street Stock

Feature—Mike Blowers, Kory Adams, Danny Richatds, Blake Adams, Nick schewbach, Travis Krause, Kyle King, Noah Grinstead, Tyler Wahlstrom. Zach Elward, Ryan Jacobsen, Durand Peterson, Mike Chisholm, Troy Voth, Brett Holland, Bernie Adams, Fred Prudoehl, JR Jones

First Heat—Schwebach, Peterson, Elward, Blake Adams, Jscobsen, Prudoehl
Second Heat—Krause, Blowers, Grinstead, Voth, Bernie Adams, Chisholm
Third Heat—K. Adams. Wahlstrom, Richards, King, Holland, Jones

WISSOTA Super Stock

Feature—Jeff Brauer, Tommy Richards, Schatney Sanders, AJ Hoff, Danny Richards, Harland Morehart, Jon Jensen, Kevin Hager, Dave Solum, Jon Duffy, Derek Sutton, Neil Eckhart

First Heat—T. Richards, Sanders, Brauer, Sutton, Solum, Duffy
Second Heat—D. Richards, Hager, Hoff, Morehart, Jensen, Eckhart

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