Brauer gets his first 2016 victory, Boland and Wagner still on top

Brauer gets his first 2016 victory, Boland and Wagner still on top

July 16, 2016 was a near perfect day for Blake Trucking Slingshot racing at Deercreek Speedway in Spring Valley, Mn.  With the leaderboard tight on the Button Buck track, it doesn’t get much better than this!

The pee wee class feature this week was being led by the k34 of Kolton Brauer with the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt on the outside.  The 43 of Koby Wagner started 2nd row inside alongside the 8t of Toby Kennedy.  The 247 of Anthany Ihlenfeld started 3rd row inside alongside the 7c of Curtis Pamenter.  With only 10 points separating your top two drivers on the leaderboard, the 43 of Wagner tried to find an opening on the start, but instead spun out in turn 1 creating a restart.  The k34 of Brauer was looking fast today as he led the pack of 6 drivers around the track.  The 411 of Oldefendt was hot on his tail looking for his opening, but Brauer continued to lengthen his lead with every lap.  On lap 6, the 411 of Oldefendt wasn’t able to avoid the 7c of Parmenter who got sideways in turn 2.  The 8t of Kennedy also coming fast around turn 2 hit Oldefendt hard.  With damage to both Oldefendt and Kennedy on the restart, the 43 of Wagner was able to move into 2nd as Oldefendt pulled off due to a bent rear axle, and the 247 of Ihlenfeld now moved up into 3rd.  Kennedy tried to get back up into contention, but it was the k34 of Brauer who was able to clench his first victory of the season crossing the checkered in 1st this week having led all 10 laps of the pee wee feature.  He was followed by the 43 of Wagner in 2nd and the 247 of Ihlenfeld pulling out a 3rd place finish.  The 8t of Kennedy finished 4th, the 7c of Parmenter in 5th, and the 411 of Oldefendt in 6th and unable to finish.

The 88B of Brady Boland was pole this week for the junior feature with the 28jr of Devin Born on the outside.  The 20 of Gage Motl started 2nd row inside with the 12 of Aiden Howard on the outside.  The 109 of Aiden Leonard started 3rd row inside 29 of Lily Reps on the outside.  Boland again had a good start at the drop of the green flag, but a battle ensued behind him between Motl and Born for 2nd place.  The 12 of Howard was hanging onto 4th place as the 28jr of Born caught the edge of turn 4 and off the track.  The restart put Boland still in the lead, Motl in 2nd, Howard in 3rd, Leonard in 4th, Reps in 5th, and Born in 6th with 10 laps to go.  Reps was able to get around the 109 of Aiden Leonard to take over the 4th place position, but with only a few laps to go, the 28jr of Born pulled ahead of Reps and was able to finish in 4th place ahead of Reps in 5th.  Howard held onto 3rd place and Motl finished in 2nd.  Boland crossed the checkered flag in 1st to make this his 5th first place finish in the junior class.  The 109 of Leonard had to pull off early due to a breakdown.

The senior feature had 7 cars this week with the 44 of Karlie Wagner on pole.  The 77 of Hunter Kennedy started front row outside.  The 25 of Joe Chisholm started 2nd row inside alongside the 34 of Triton Krause.  3rd row inside was the 50 of Gavin Tarras with the 34jr of Braden Brauer on the outside.  The 18R of Evan Reyna started 4th row inside.  This feature started out a little rough with 2 restarts before even completing 2 laps ofthis 18 lap feature.   A slight change of order in lineup for the 3rd restart put everyone trying to retain their initial starting positions, but still the 44 of Wagner started the race and got out to an early lead on the restart with the 25 of Chisholm getting around the 77 of Kennedy to move into 2nd place.  A three-way battle for 4th ensued between the 50 of Tarras, the 18R of Reyna, and the 34jr of Brauer.  The 34 of Krause was anxious to move back up in the pack and found himself spinning out in turn 4 of lap 12 creating the final restart.  At the checkered it was the 44 of Wagner who led all 18 laps, the 25 of Chisholm in 2nd, and the 77 of Kennedy finished 3rd to round out your top 3.  The 18R of Reyna came in 4th, followed by the 34jr of Brauer in 5th, and the 34 of Krause in 6th.

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