Blowers & Moudry Sweep Deer Creek Opener

Blowers & Moudry Sweep Deer Creek Opener

Spring Valley, MN – April 22, 2017: The 2017 race season kicked off in grand style at Deer Creek Speedway. It was a beautiful day and 115-cars and a great crowd turned out for a fine night of racing. Before the action got underway, the kids had an Easter egg hunt with over 1200 eggs up for grabs. The Easter bunny made a special appearance at the event and the children had a good time.

After the qualifying races it was time for the first main event of the season. The National Fleet Graphics WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were on track for their 18-lap race. Garitt Wytaske led the 24-car pack early on in a caution filled affair. Dan Wheeler gave chase with Michael Wytaske third while fourth row starter Jason Vandekamp was on the move to fourth early on.

Wheeler challenged Wytaske up front through the yellows as Vandekamp was up to third on lap five. A couple of cautions kept things tight up front and Vandekamp would continue his assault to the front. Vandekamp got to second and then went after the lead. Robbie Franklin also entered the picture and got to the third spot.

Vandekamp took the lead on lap seven but Wytaske now had his hands full with Franklin for second. The fifth yellow flag showed up on lap 13 and that cut five laps off and set up a two lap dash to the finish. Vandekamp led the field to the checkered for his first Deer Creek feature win. Franklin got to second and Ryan Wetzstein slipped past Wytaske for third in the final lap. Wheeler would finish the race in the fifth position.

The Adams Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks rolled out 22-cars strong for their 18-lap feature race. Right off the bat they were four wide up front and then three wide. Mike Blowers took the lead with Troy Voth and Danny Richards in tow. Richards drove up alongside Blowers for the lead on lap three with Kyle King now third.

Richards took the lead on the high side but Blowers kept him in his sights. Richards looked to take the win but his car erupted in smoke with a couple of laps left to end his run. Blowers then lead the final two laps to score his 30th career win at Deer Creek. King finished in second with Travis Krause third Kory Adams fourth and Noah Grinstead in the top five.

A huge field of 36-Dirt Doctor Trucking USRA B-Mods was pared down to a 26-car field to start their 18-lap main. Ben Moudry took the early lead trailed by Taylor Ausrud and Erik Kanz. Ausrud drifted high on a restart and Dustin Kruse had a slick move on the low side to steal the lead on lap three. Parker Hale battled Kanz for third and Dan Hovden entered the top five.

Kruse and Moudry had a super race up front as Kruse worked the low side and Moudry lit up the top side. They were close on lap 13 and then Moudry got the lead back on lap 15 before a late race yellow set up an exciting finish.

Moudry got a little too high in turn two and grazed the wall. That gave Kruse a shot and he stole the lead down the backstretch. Moudry regained his composure and reeled Kruse back in as the end of the race drew near. Moudry powered past on the top side and held on to the win by less than a car length over Kruse. Hale would finish third with Hovden in fourth and Kanz fifth.

Dan Nissalke would led the Brauer Roofing WISSOTA Super Stocks for all 20-laps for the win, but it was not easy. Jeff Brauer dogged him the entire way and they were door-to-door several times and made some contact while the battle raged on. This would allow Neil Eckhart and Tommy Richards to reel in the lead duo.

Nissalke would hold off Brauer to pick up the win in a good hard fought battle. Eckahrt would wind up in third after a stirring race with Richards in which they swapped the spot a couple of times. A.J. Hoff ran in the top five for the entire way and was scored fifth at the checkered flag.

The 25-lap NAPA Auto Care Centers USRA Modifieds closed out the night with a 25-lap main event. Jason Cummins drew the pole and that was it as he checked out. Cummins won in a run away and lapped up to the seventh place car at the checkered flag.

Jake Timm ran second until late in the race when tenth starter Lucas Schott took over on lap 20. By the time Schott got to second, Cummins was long gone. Timm would drive home in third with Steve Wetzstein and Josh Angst in the top five.

USRA Modified
Feature—Jason Cummins, Lucas Schott, Jake Timm, Steve Wetzstein, Josh Angst, Jacob Bleess, Alan Wagner, Joe Ludemann, Darwyn Karau, Mark Motl, Joel Alberts, Ryan Ruter, Charlie Steinburg, Dwaine Hanson, Logan Brown, Tammy Soma Clark, Jake Stark, Dustin Brown, Dustin Sorensen, Greg Jensen

First Heat—Timm, Cummins, Schott, Wagner, Alberts, D. Brown, Stark

Second Heat—Angst, Sorensen, Jensen, Karau, Hanson, L. Brown, Ruter

Third Heat—Bleess, Wetzstein, Steinberg, Motl, Ludemann, Soma Clark

WISSOTA Super Stock
Feature—Dan Nissalke, Jeff Brauer, Neil Eckhart, Tommy Richards, A.J, Hoff, Kip Myers, Cole Searing, Kevin Hager, Ryan Schaufler, Schatney Sanders, Dave Solum, David Mille, Harland Morehart
First Heat—Eckhart, Nissalke, Brauer, Hoff, Schauffler, Solum, Sanders
Second Heat-Richards, Searing, Hager, Myers, Miller, Morehart

Feature—Ben Moudry, Dustin Kruse, Parker Hale, Dan Hovden, Erik Kanz, Taylor Ausrud, Alex Williamson, Kyle Anderson, Brandon Hare, Jim Chisholm, Jason Schlangen, Jackson Hale, Jayden Larson, Kenny Boge Jr., Nick Wagner, Matt Brooks, Zach Brom, Bill Stettner, Scott Demmer, Channing Warner, A.J. Zvorak, Jett Sorensen, Andrew Bleess, Kadden Kath, Tucker Williams, Trevor Fecht
B-Main 1—Brooks, Brom, J. Hale, Sorensen, Williams, Christian Warner, Tanner Johnston, Adam Mietzner, J.T. Wasmund, A.J . Johnston
B-Main 2—Channing Warner, Schlangen, Zvorak, Demmer, Larson, Mike Chisholm, Russ Quinnell, Kevin Seidler, Shane Yohe, Denny Schott
First Heat—Bleess. Fecht, Kath, Stettner, Wasmund, Brom, A. Johnston, Sorensen, J. Hale
Second Heat—P. Hale, J. Chisholm, Ausrud, Boge Jr., Zvorak, Channing Warnwe, Quinnell, Yohe, Schott
Third Heat—Wagner, Hovden, Kruse, Williamson, Brooks, T.Johnston, Christian Warner, Williams, Seidler
Fourth Heat—Moudry, Kanz, Hare, Anderson, Larson, Demmer, M. Chisholm. Mietzner
WISSOTA Street Stock
Feature—Mike Blowers, Kyle King, Travis Krause, Kory Adams, Noah Grinstead, Fred Prudoehl, Ryan Jacobsen, Bernie Adams, Jason Newkirk, Bobby Blowers, Steve Holthaus, Cody Hyatt, Brent Holland, Armond Love, JR Jones, Logan Peterson, Tracey Beebe, Danny Richards, Braden Brauer, Troy Voth, Tanner Kluender, Nick Schwebach
First Heat—M. Blowers, Voth, K. Adams, Grisntead, Holthaus, Brauer, Prudoehl
Second Heat—Richards, Jones, Jacobsen, Holland, Love, Hyatt, Schwebach
Third Heat—Krause, King, B. Adams. B. Blowers, Peterson, Kluender, Beebe, Newkirk

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Feature—Jason Vandekamp, Robbie Franklin, Ryan Wetzstein, Garitt Wytaske, Dan Wheeler, Michael Wytaske, Casey Trom, Mitch Weiss, Steven Amundson, Tony Konold, Camden Myers, Billy Steinberg, Calvin Iverson, Tianna Mithun, Ron Jablonske, Spencer Stock, Brad Minske, Karlie Wagner, Noel Hoppe, Don Schaefer, Bonnie Jablonske, Isaac Clark, Brayten Cisneros, Ryan Goergen
First Heat—Wetzstein, Franklin, Trom, Schaefer, Konold, B. Jablonske, Clark, Cisneros
Second Heat—G. Wytaske, Wheeler, Vandekamp, Amundson, Stock, Iverson, Hoppe, Minske
Third Heat—Weiss, M. Wytaske, Myers, Steinberg, Goergen, R. Jablonske, Mithun, Wagner

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