Bleess Runs from Tail to Checkers in WISSOTA Midwest Modified Action

Bleess Runs from Tail to Checkers in WISSOTA Midwest Modified Action

SPRING VALLEY, MN – June 7, 2014:  (Photos courtesy of Scott Gulbranson Photo)  A slightly unseasonably cool early June greeted the racers and fans on Podein Power and Equipment night at the speedway. The evening started out with a great turnout of drivers on hand for a meet and greet with the kids of the Deer Creek Speedway Kids Club. Afterwards the action turned to the racetrack.

The first race of the night was the Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. With twenty one cars on hand Josh Crary jumped out to the early lead with Andrew Bleess in second. A caution on lap two saw Michael Truscott get the jump on the restart and take the lead. Mitch Weiss, Mike Mehling and Dustin Scott were three wide for the third spot as another caution flew over the field on lap four. After20140607-D3S_7318 a couple ragged attempts at a restart Truscott was called for a Jack Rabbit start and was sent to the third position on the speedway with Crary pacing the field on the clean start. Scott pulled a slider in turn two to move past Crary and into the lead. On lap five Truscott pulled under Scott and slid up in front of him to take over the lead. With six laps completed Jacob Bleess moved under Scott for the second spot after working his way up from the tail of the field after problems in his heat race caused a DNF. Another caution on lap seven saw Bleess and Truscott battle into turn one and two for the lead. Bleess took the lead on lap nine with Truscott close behind in second. Mike Mehling and Tony Schill had a good race going for the sixth spot. With ten down Scott and Jared Boumeester made contact while battling for the third spot slowing their momentum and allowing Crary and Mehling to get past. Scott worked his way back up to the fifth spot and eventually worked past Mehling as the checkers flew over the field. At the finish it was Bleess with the win from his twenty first starting spot. Truscott, Crary, Scott and Mehling rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Truscott, Schill and Scott.

In the SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stock feature event it was all Shaun Mann up front. Mann didn’t have an easy time though after taking the early lead on the start Nick Schwebach sat tight to his inside rear quarter in second. Jason Barber and Kyle King battled for third until the caution flew for K20140607-D3S_7443ing. On the restart Mann again led with Schwebach in second. Mike Blowers now sat in third with Danny Hanson, Barber and Troy Voth racing for the fifth spot. On lap nine Mann had finally started to pull out a good gap over Schwebach. Voth was in fourth pressuring Blowers for the third spot as a caution came out on lap eleven. On the restart Mann, Blowers and Schwebach raced into one three wide for the lead. Mann held onto the upper groove and used the run to take control of the lead going down the back straight again. On lap thirteen Voth hit the outside wall hard bringing out another caution. Mann again led with Blowers looking low to his inside. Mann was too strong on the night and took home the win followed by Blowers, Schwebach, Hanson and Noah Grinstead. Heat races were won by Mann and Blowers.


Another strong field of Thirty One Elma Performance and Fabricating USRA B-Modifieds were on hand to do action on the high banked 3/8 mile Speedplant. Brandon Hare charged out of turn two with the lead with Alex Williamson close behind in second. Kadden Kath 20140607-D3S_7631sat in the third spot with Cole Queensland and Nick Wagner racing for the fourth spot. Queensland took over the fourth spot while Hare slowly started to pull away from the field up front. A caution flew on lap three with Hare again leading. Kath sat in second with Queensland and Williamson battling for the third spot. Jacob Bleess sat in fifth as the two car battle for third now became a three car battle for the second spot. Kath kept control of the spot as Queensland worked into third. With nine completed laps in the book Queensland and Kath raced again for second. Queensland took over the second spot and as they came upon the start/finish line Hare quickly slowed and pulled to the infield handing the lead to Queensland. A final caution on lap twelve saw Queensland leading the field with Jacob Bleess now working up into the second spot. Kath and Williamson raced for the third spot. At the finish it was Queensland with the win. Bleess, Kath, Dustin Sorensen and Williamson rounded out the top five. Jerry Young won the “B feature and worked from twenty first to eighth in the feature while Trevor Fecht, Queensland, Sorensen and Kylie Kath won the heat races.

Next up on the speedway was the W20140607-D3S_7728agner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stock feature event. Dave Solum jumped out front for the early lead. A three car battle got out of shape going down the back straight on lap two but they as the three battled for third Brandon Duellman drove by them into the spot. Gary Wiersgalla started to pressure Solum for the lead on lap four. The two had some heated slide jobs over the next three laps until Wiersgalla took the lead on lap seven. By the time Wiersgalla had finally completed the pass for the lead Jeff Brauer had worked his way into third. With Wiersgalla out front Brauer made quick work of Solum for the second spot and with nine down was all over the leader up front.   With fourteen laps completed Brauer finally slowly got the edge on Wiersgalla for the lead. Further back Brian Fetting and Adam Ayotte worked past Solum over the last five laps to take over the third and fourth spots. At the finish it was Brauer with the win, Wiersgalla, Fetting, Ayotte, and Solum rounded out the top five. Heat races were won by Kevin Hager and Wiersgalla.

Lucas Schott led early in the NAPA AutoCare USRA Modified division. Brad Waits sat by close in second with Brandon Davis an20140607-D3S_7958d Jason Cummins racing for the third spot.   With five down Waits finally gained a little more ground on Schott up front and was credited with leading lap six before a caution flew over the field. Waits led on the restart with Cummins now pressuring Schott for the second spot. Schott held onto the second spot as another caution flew on lap ten. Waits again led with Schott starting to pressure for the lead again. As they raced side by side at the line on lap twelve Schott was credited with the lap. A final caution on lap thirteen saw Schott leading. Waits sat in second until his machine pushed up the hill in turn two. Cummins slowed slightly while Davis moved past Cummins for third and alongside of Waits for second. Waits regained composure and held onto the second spot. Joel Alberts and Steve Wetzstein raced for the fifth spot with Alberts cracking the top five on lap twenty. At the finish it was Schott with the win. Waits, Davis, Cummins and Alberts cracked the top five. Heat races were won by Schott, Wetzstein and Jay Richardson.

Regular racing action resumes again next Saturday with action in all five classes. Don’t forget about the USAC Wingless Sprint Cars taking to the speedway on June 21st. Definitely a must see event.


Dirt Doctor Trucking WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Jacob Bleess, Michael Truscott, Josh Crary, Dustin Scott, Mike Mehling, Jared Boumeester, Tony Schill, Jason Born, Jesse Hernandez, Mitch Weiss, Ryan Wetzstein, Garitt Wytaske, Antonio Pintaro, Andrew Bleess, Ryan Goergen, Don Schaefer, Tammy Clark, Harlan Morehart, Jake Stark, Casey Trom, Tim Myhre

Heat 1 – Truscott, Trom, Weiss, Mehling, Born, Hernandez, Clark

Heat 2 – Schill, Crary, Boumeester, Wytaske, Schaefer, Stark, J. Bleess

Heat 3 – Scott, Wetzstein, A. Bleess, Myhre, Goergen, Morehart, Pintaro


SixTwo Graphics WISSOTA Street Stocks

Feature – Shaun Mann, Mike Blowers, Nick Schwebach, Danny Hanson, Noah Grinstead, Kyle King, Jason Barber, Kory Adams, Fred Prudoehl, Bernie Adams, Brent Holland, Troy Voth, Zack Elward

Heat 1 – Mann, K Adams, Schwebach, King, Grinstead, Holland, Elward

Heat 2 – Blowers, Hanson, Voth, Barber, Prudoehl, B. Adams


Elma Performance and Fabricating USRA B-Modifieds

Feature – Cole Queensland, Jacob Bleess, Kadden Kath, Dustin Sorensen, Alex Williamson, Trevor Fecht, Erik Kanz, Jerry Young, Kylie Kath, Dan Hovden, Brady Keefe, Scott Demmer, Shaun Walski, Ryan Konkel, Craig Bentzin, Charlie Steinberg, Tanner Johnston, Kenny Boge Jr., Nick Wagner, David Pitz, Tyler Creely, Brandon Hare, Blake Arndt, Parker Hale

“B”-Feature – Young, Konkel, Walski, Arndt, Anthony Condit, Bill Stettner, Mike Chisholm, Steve Quinnell, Jackson Hale, Derek Clement, Cale Slawson

Heat 1 – Fecht, Wagner, Pitz, Boge Jr., Demmer, Stettner, Hale, Clement

Heat 2 – Queensland, Steinberg, Kanz, Hale, Bentzin, Young, Walski, Quinnell

Heat 3 – Sorensen, Williamson, Ka. Kath, Keefe, Creely, Arndt, Chisholm, Slawson

Heat 4 – Ky. Kath, Bleess, Hare, Hovden, Johnston, Konkel, Condit


Wagner Trucking WISSOTA Super Stocks

Feature – Jeff Brauer, Gary Wiersgalla, Brian Fetting, Adam Ayotte, Dave Solum, Brandon Duellman, Kevin hager, Schatney Sanders, Matt Olson, Ed Sanders, Harlan Morehart, David Miller, Mike Fitzpatrick, AJ Hoff

Heat 1 – Hager, Fetting, Solum, E. Sanders, Morehart, Miller, Fitzpatrick

Heat 2 – Wiersgalla, Ayotte, Brauer, Duellman, S. Sanders, Hoff, Olson


NAPA AutoCare USRA Modifieds

Feature – Lucas Schott, Brad Waits, Brandon Davis, Jason Cummins, Joel Alberts, Steve Wetzstein, Keith Foss, Josh Angst, Jacob Dahle, Craig Shaw, Dustin Scott, Todd Scharkey, Jake Timm, Jason Schlangen, Joe Horgdal, Joe Ludemann, Les Duellman, Mark Motl, Greg Jensen, Billy Steinberg, Jay Richardson, Darwyn Karau

Heat 1 – Schott, Waits, Davis, Foss, Schlangen, Angst, Shaw, Duellman

Heat 2 – Wetzstein, Cummins, Alberts, Motl, Jensen, Steinberg, Ludemann

Heat 3 – Richardson, Dahle, Scott, Horgdal, Scharkey, Timm, Karau


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