Author - Cole Queensland

Hughes, Dillard tangle for USMTS title in Featherlite Fall Jamboree opener

SPRING VALLEY, Minn.—Jason Hughes won all three regional titles this season and has led the points through all but one night during the 16 events so far in the Hunt for the USMTS Casey’s Cup, but a tight race exists going into the final points race of the season. When the checkered flag drops on opening night of the Featherlite Fall Jamboree on Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Deer Creek Speedway, the USMTS will crown it’s 18th national champion and [...]

Oldefendt delivered his first 2016 win, Motl and Tarras added to their victories

By Shanna Motl: Saturday, August 27, 2016 Blake Trucking Slingshot races at Deercreek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN were the final points races of the season for the slingshot drivers.  A cool and cloudy day made for a fast and heavy track and these young drivers showed off what they have learned over the 2016 season in their feature races. The pee wee class had 6 drivers this week with the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt on pole and the k34 of [...]

Howard brings home his first win! Wagner and Chisholm do it again

By Shanna Motl:  The pee wee feature race started with the 43 of Koby Wagner on pole alongside the k34 of Kolton Brauer on the outside. Inside 2nd row was the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt next to the 8T of Toby Kennedy on the outside. 3rd row inside was the 7C of Curtis Parmenter alongside the 247 of Anthany Ihlenfeld on the outside.   The k34 of Brauer was ready to challenge the 43 of Wagner on the start, but [...]

Double Down, Double Feature Wins for Brauer, Motl, and Chisholm

August 6, 2016-By Shanna Motl: Blake Trucking Slingshot races at Deercreek Speedway in Spring Valley, MN were back on track after a rain out the week prior.  That meant a double feature race for this week. However, the track turned out to be quite a challenge for these young drivers with plenty of cautions throughout the races. Let’s begin with the pee wee feature from July 30, 2016. On the pole was the k34 of Kolton Brauer alongside the 411 of Gavin [...]

Double Down Challenge & Driver Recognition Night At Deer Creek

Spring Valley, MN-By Todd Narveson:  A new event is coming to Deer Creek Speedway in Spring Valley, Minnesota on Saturday, August 6. It is dubbed “The Double Down Challenge” and will also be a drivers recognition night. Drivers can race for double the purse they normally race for that night. All they need to do is pay a $50 entry fee when they sign in for the night. It is a voluntary program but if a USRA Modified driver pays [...]

Brauer gets his first 2016 victory, Boland and Wagner still on top

July 16, 2016 was a near perfect day for Blake Trucking Slingshot racing at Deercreek Speedway in Spring Valley, Mn.  With the leaderboard tight on the Button Buck track, it doesn’t get much better than this! The pee wee class feature this week was being led by the k34 of Kolton Brauer with the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt on the outside.  The 43 of Koby Wagner started 2nd row inside alongside the 8t of Toby Kennedy.  The 247 of Anthany [...]

NAPA Auto Parts Gopher 50 Set For Deer Creek

Spring Valley, MN - By: Todd Narveson:  The annual summer racing tradition for Late Model fans is coming to the Deer Creek Speedway on Saturday, July 9. NAPA Auto Parts will present the 37th Annual Gopher 50 along with the Blooming Prairie Lions and Miner’s Outdoor & Rec of Blooming Prairie. The event will feature the World Of Outlaws Craftsman Late Model Series for the 12th straight year at Deer Creek. Four current stars of the series have NAPA Gopher [...]

Brauers wins in the seniors, Boland and Kennedy back on top again

The Blake Trucking Slingshot races at Deercreek Speedway on June 25, 2016 were fast and furious with stormy weather on the horizon. The track was a one groove slippery surface from the wind and heat making these slingshot races even more challenging. The pee wee class had 6 cars this week with the k34 of Kolton Brauer on pole, the 43 of Koby Wagner on the outside. The 8T of Toby Kennedy 2nd row inside in 3rd next to the [...]

Eckhart, Boumeester, Queensland & Richards Top Deer Creek Foes

Spring Valley, MN (June 25) - By: Todd Narveson:  This week was Pink-Out Night with Join The Journey at Deer Creek Speedway as everyone joined together in the fight against breast cancer. Several fundraisers were held throughout the night to help raise money. There was a silent auction, a live auction, 50/50 ticket sales, t-shirt sales, fan donations, a push up challenge to the feature winners and Greg Jensen even auctioned off one of his race cars and donated [...]

Wagner Racing with a double victory, Motl clenches a 2016 feature win

You couldn’t have asked for a better day for slingshot racing at the Button Buck Speedway in Spring Valley, MN for the Blake Trucking Slingshot races on Saturday, June 18, 2016. Lets start with the pee wee class and the win by the 43 of Koby Wagner. It was the 43 of Wagner who started the race on pole, with the 411 of Gavin Oldefendt on the outside. Second row inside was the 8T of Toby Kennedy with the k34 [...]