$9,000 Awarded to Ethanol Racers at Banquet

$9,000 Awarded to Ethanol Racers at Banquet

2014 Ethanol Cup Champion Crowned

By Bill Nelson – December 4, 2014 – Spring Valley MN

During the recent 2014 Deer Creek Speedway Awards Banquet the 2014 Ethanol Cup Champion was crowned.

During the 2014 racing season 15 drivers qualified their cars for the Ethanol Appreciation. Drivers who ran 50% Ethanol or higher received $4,000 in contingency money. The program was put together by Poet Ethanol in Preston MN, Absolute Energy in Lyle and the Fillmore County Corn Growers to show their appreciation. 20141122-D4X_8356

Each of the drivers received a check for $230.77 except two who after having their names drawn received $500. The program was put together to show the performance of the Ethanol product and to bring additional awareness of the product to the general public. ربح المال مجانا Drivers receiving checks on the night included Cole Queensland, Jeff Brauer, Erik Kanz, Brian Fetting, Noah Grinstead, Mike Mehling, Troy Voth, Greg Jensen, Casey Trom, Scott Demmer, Dustin Sorensen, Charlie Steinberg, Mike Chisholm, David Miller and Mike Fitzpatrick. العب بوكر Fetting and Voth had their names drawn to receive the $500.00 checks.

The drivers were also racing for an additional program “Dash to the Ethanol Cup”. The Dash to the Ethanol Cup paired all qualified drivers (from all five regular classes) into a final three race program. Each driver earned points based on finishing position.   To qualify the drivers must have ran 15% Ethanol in the race car during the 2014 racing season and displayed an Ethanol Cup Sticker on their car. ربح المال من الانترنت مجانا The nineteen drivers, who were qualified for this program then raced the final three regular point races for an additional $5,000 point fund thanks to the Minnesota Corn Growers.

20141122-D4X_8349Jeff Brauer took home the 2014 Minnesota Corn Growers Ethanol Cup and received his $1,000 first place check from Dan Erickson and Mitch Coulter who were on hand at the banquet from the Minnesota Corn Growers. The top ten in the Dash to the Ethanol Cup were Cole Queensland, Mike Blowers, Erik Kanz, Brian Fetting, Mike Mehling, Troy Voth, Noah Grinstead, Greg Jensen and Scott Demmer.

The Minnesota Corn Growers are very active in the promotion of Ethanol in our everyday vehicles and racecars. They also promoted the highly successful Tasseldega Nights at the speedway in 2014. This program allowed fans to watch the racing for free while learning more about Ethanol and other BioFuels.

Deer Creek Speedway looks forward to the future with additional promotions from the Ethanol and Biofuel industries. Drivers can expect to see some of the same or additional programs in the future as we work towards more sustainable fuels in the future of racing and transportation.

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